Kurokizatchi is Kizatchi's or Kizario's arch rival in the Adventure mode called The Tamagotchi emisarry in the game called Super smash bros. Platformer. He is the member of the Dark Tamagotch army, and Chaosmametchi's friend. He's black with strange colors of his leaves, a cyan scarf, red indian like cheeks, pink hands and feet, red eyes, a cyan pink head band, and a pink swirl on his belly. Because when he rubs it, he absorbs the energy from the weather, his belly grew larger as he absorbs more energy from the sky.As his belly is large enougth, he shoots a powerful Ray out of his mouth with a heavy damege on the Player. He aslo holds his rod of storms to make the lightning appear to absorb it.


With the rod of storms, he summins lightning and absorbs it for energy.