Kurly the Klitcher
HDF Character - Kurly
Kurly's Main Artwork
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Raccoon-like


Current Status Alive
The Fantazi Hunters
Main Weapon(s) Machine Gun with a Baked Beans Can
Ability/ies Glitching, Shooting weapons
First Appearance Hyper-Depth Fanatzi

Kurly the Glicther (commonly known as Kurly) is a supporting character of the Hyper-Depth Fantazi series and the main protagonist of Kurly's Rage: Hyper-Depth Fantazi Adventure. Kurly is a crazy, glitched raccoon-like creature, who is Daki's best friends. His main weapon is a machine gun that shoots out of a baked-beans.

Kurly the Glitcher is a new Fantendo character, which his first appearance is Hyper-Depth Fantazi , an action role-playing video game, which supports him as a partner. His first playable debut will be Hyper-Depth Fantazi II and Kurly's Rage: Hyper-Depth Fantazi Adventure.


Kurly the Glitcher is a glitched raccoon-like creature, with a crazy-minded attitude. Despite being a member of the Fanatzi Hunters, he is somewhat annoying to his members. His favorite hobbies are killing monsters, eating sneak foods and copying Daki's attitude. His best friend was Daki Mowtor, who describe him as a pet.