Sockop Artwork
His appearance.
Current Age Around 10 years old.
Gender Male
Species Sockop
Location Sockop Village
Current Status Alive
Class All-Around
Sockop Tribe
Family and Relations
King Sockpuppet - Leader
Ability/ies Shooting honey balls

Eating enemies

Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Forest of the Sockops
Latest Appearance Fantendo Fighters
Kuribo is a Sockop and the star of the game Forest of the Sockops. In that game, his home tribe is attacked by a mysterious machine. Kuribo decides to save his tribe, and saves other tribes in the way.


Kuribo looks like nearly like all other sockops. It has the base shape of a green sock. It has short, yellow legs and feet. It has two simple black eyes. The "opening" of Kuribo has pink half-circles around it. One of the few ways to difference Kuribo from other sockops is that he has bigger circles then normal sockops, and in turn has less of them.


Forest of the Sockops

Forest of the Sockops is Kuribo's "true" debut and stars him as a main character. He is helped by Racine, a creature of the Lurkroot race, King Sockpuppet, his leader and Prince Gamma, the prince of the Gembits in order to stop the machine that has been attacking relentlessly his homeland.

Fantendo Fighters

Kuribo later appeared in Fantendo Fighters as an unlockable character. He is a quick, but fragile character with various traits, like beign immune to poison but fire attacks doing double damage.


Kuribo is shown to be somewhat heroic. He is ambitious and chatty. He is somewhat lazy, usually doing things the easier way. Kuribo can be selfish and arrogant at times. He is confident in what he does, and makes sure his friends and relatives are okay.

Kuribo is shown to like eating "Puzzle Pieces". He also likes to take poison baths. He is scared of fire. His favorite color is purple and his least favorite color is red. He dislikes machines and water, but is okay to be around those.


Kuribo is nearly completely immune to poison, but if exposed to acid for a long period of time, this immunity breaks temporarily. He can spit out honey balls which deals medium damage to foes, and slows them down as well. He can try sucking an enemy in his "mouth" and them draining thier life force. Kuribo has some weaknesses, through. He is weak to fire. He isn't very resistant to attacks either.


  • Kuribo is an actual character: he is fought in Mario & Luigi: Bowser Inside Story along with three other Sockops. However, only his name was mentioned, and he was an extremely minor character due to this. Thus, he is considered a fan-character by his creator.
  • Kuribo has the same name as the japenese name of Goombas. This is a reference to Goomba Shoes, which were named Kuribo's Shoe in Super Mario Bros. 3.