Full Name Kuper
Current Age 9
Date of Birth March 15, 2005
Vulnerable To Dead skunks, stomps
First Appearance Super Larry Koopas

Kuper is an obese Koopa Troopa. He double-crossed Bowser because of Larry Koopa, however regardless he still loathes Mario. Presently he's an adversary of Larry, and is taking Larry's cookie hoard. He first shows up in Super Larry Koopas as each boss fight. Kuper loves cookies, yet as a birthday present from Larry, he generally gets a dead skunk. Over the years he's been far from Bowser, he got to be companions with Goomber.


Kuper is to a great degree insatiable and thinks about only himself. He can get irritated effortlessly, But yet is still extraordinarily week because of his weight keeping him from being quick or bouncing high.

Physical Appearance

Kuper has all the earmarks of being to a great degree fat and stout. His head is little and his body is expansive. He has a red shell.


Super Larry Koopas

In Super Larry Koopas, Kuper appears as a recurring boss character. He attacks by running straight at the player character.

New Super Larry Koopas

In New Super Larry Koopas, Kuper is additionally a repeating boss character. He at the end of each castle, assaults by running directly at the player character like a bonehead. The main contrast is that in some boss battles, he will through dead skunks at the player.


  • Kuper loves to eat cookies. He gets a kick out of the chance to take Larry's cookies
  • He detests Bowser and the Koopalings.