Kuoger Sign
Kuoger Sigma
Developer(s) Zasguar
Publisher(s) Zasguar Inc
Genre(s) RPG, Platfornmer, Party , PfRPG (Platform Role Playing Game)
Spinoff(s) Zasguar Party 3D Zasguar Party DS
First Game Kuogers (NES)
Most Recent Game Kuogers Superb
Rhino NES SNES Rhino P DS 3DS

Kuoger Series is a series in which Aveo & Qimmer defeat illots and try to be perfect Kuots and face amny gimmicks to reach their goal. Most funding was by Pokemon due to the similarities. It also creates some games in old consoles a few times. Kuogers are the main factor of the series


Main Characters

  • Aveo- She is the Italian girl who is full of adventure and is the well known character of Zasguar Inc, only to be left behind by GroyDoc. She is featurely in the Mascot for Zagsuar Inc Contest. Aveo's father is the leader of the Frenzies. She seems to love her father no matter what though. Her Kuoger is Neniu.
  • Qimmer- Aveo's best friend. He is a dark-skinned dancer who loves 80's music and playing Star Fox and the Mario Party series. His mother owns a day care. His kuoger is J-Flight.
  • Commander Wattser- Leader of the Frenzies and is Aveo's father. He loves mischief but will not hurt his wife, daughter, or Qimmer. He once tried to take the Sacred Orb Of Zeus , only to be stopped by Aveo's begging, Qimmer also saves him from a enraged Zeus. Though, He never learns ever.
  • Neniu- Aveo's Kuoger. He is a panther and is similar to Transformers SteelJaw. He constantly bits opponents and loves his Kuot. He also wants to eat J-Flight, Only to get out sped on air.
  • J-Flight- Qimmer's Kuoger. He is a cardinal and is very swift and loves perching on Qimmer's shoulder. He is constantly getting chased to be devoured by Neniu but is always finds a way out.


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