Full Name Kunas
Current Age Unknown but he looks to be about 20-25
Gender Male
Species Human?
Location Staraculos island
Current Status Awaiting the next challenger
Lawful Evil
Main Weapon(s) Beam Sword
Ability/ies Elemental Magic, Dark Magic
The Magician of the Cosmos
First Appearance Project Universal

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Kunas has never really been known to talk about his birth or his past, but from what certain people know, he was born into a royal bloodline and he was destined to become the next ruler of Staraculos Island, but he had been replaced as ruler by an unknown man who had been able to protect the Island from destruction not once, but twice.

With this, Kunas had become obsessed with training and perfecting the art of swordplay and magic. With the amount of training he did, he had become too wrapped up in his power, leaving him an undecided individual, until one day he realised that maybe his power could be used for great evil as well as great justice, choosing the wrong path, he became a servant to Chronos, a high demon king who had been sealed away at the islands core for many centuries.

Today, Kunas awaits at the shrine of Chronos, waiting for his next challenger to face the demon king, but he knows that his time will come when he has to face the one man he knows will defeat him in swordplay and magic...but he doesn't know when.


Kunas is usually quite quiet, but he can be very cocky when it comes to fighting, always taunting his opponent into breaking their guard so he can finish them quickly. But thats his own weakness, sometimes he can get angry at his opponent and let his guard down for too long, with this, he can be prone to moodswings during his battles, sometimes even using this to his advantage when fighting.

Project Universal

Kunas appears in Project Universal as the main antagonist of the game, in this game he has been able to absorb a fraction of the Demon Kings power and he has gone insane whilst doing so, but now he wants to absorb more power and suck the worlds of the universes greatest heroes dry.

In Project Universal you fight Kunas a total of three times, the first time he is in his regular human state, the second time is when he has absorbed more of the dimensions power, becoming a lot stronger, and the third and final time you face him is when he has become the Demon King himself, absorbing too much power for him to even handle.