Species Spider
Level appearances
Easton Kingdom
First appearance Super Mario Land (1989)

Kumos (Japanese: ブラックピョン Burakku pyon) are small spider enemies introduced in Super Mario Land. Kumos are large tarantula-like creatures that are about the same size as Mario. Much like the Flies, Kumos attempt to attack Mario by hopping around and down onto him.


Super Mario Land & U

Kumos make a cameo appearance in Super Mario Land & U, in which they are seen in the background of the Kumo Black Widow battle.



  • In the English version of the original Game Boy release of Super Mario Land, Kumos were the only enemies [who debuted in this game] whose name was not the same as or similar to its Japanese one. While "kumo" is the Japanese word for "spider", its Japanese name, "Burakku pyon", roughly translates to "Black Hopping", with "pyon" originating from "pyonpyon", a mimetic word for hopping.
    • In the original Japanese instruction manual for Super Mario Land, their name was misspelled as "ブラックピヨン" (Burakku piyon), which directly translates to "Black Hop".