Kumatora Clay
Full Name Kumatora
Current Age 11 (Prologue - Chapter 3),
14 (Chapter 4 - Epilogue)
Gender Female
Species Human
Class Princess of Osohe Castle
Main Weapon(s) PSI,
Ability/ies PSI
First Appearance Mother 3 (2006)

Kumatora is a major protagonist from the 2006 Game Boy Advance title Mother 3. Kumatora is the princess of Osohe Castle, though this is only a title given by the Magypsies due to her not having any actual royal blood. Unlike the other major female protagonists of the EarthBound series, Kumatora is a tomboy, and does not use frying pans as her primary weapons. She is rather rude to other people, and, like males in the early-teenage age group, refuses to show any signs of sadness.

Appearances Edit

Nintendo Princesses Edit

Kumatora is one of the confirmed characters for the upcoming Wii platforming game Nintendo Princesses. Whether she is a playable character is currently unknown however she was seen with the other confirmed playable characters.