Kumatora Clay
Full Name Kumatora
Current Age 11 (Prologue - Chapter 3),
14 (Chapter 4 - Epilogue)
Gender Female
Species Human
Class Princess of Osohe Castle
Main Weapon(s) PSI,
Ability/ies PSI
First Appearance Mother 3 (2006)

Kumatora is a major protagonist from the 2006 Game Boy Advance title Mother 3. Kumatora is the princess of Osohe Castle, though this is only a title given by the Magypsies due to her not having any actual royal blood. Unlike the other major female protagonists of the EarthBound series, Kumatora is a tomboy, and does not use frying pans as her primary weapons. She is rather rude to other people, and, like males in the early-teenage age group, refuses to show any signs of sadness.


Nintendo Princesses

Kumatora is one of the confirmed characters for the upcoming Wii platforming game Nintendo Princesses. Whether she is a playable character is currently unknown however she was seen with the other confirmed playable characters.