Kulk, as he appears in The Impoyoble Kulk
Full Name Hirby Banner (The Kulk)
Gender Male
Species Kirby
Family and Relations
Kirby (second cousin)
Big Green
First Appearance The Impoyoble Kulk (Video Game)
Latest Appearance The Impoyoble Kulk (Movie)
 Hirby Banner (aka The Kulk) is a Marvel Nintendo Crossover character. He is a crossover between Kirby and Hulk. He is Kirby's 2nd cousin.

Physical Apperance

As Hirby Banner, he looks the same as Kirby, except with a shirt and tie, and brown shoes. He also has brown eyes instead of blue. As the Kulk, he is bigger and colored green. He also doesn't have shoes but his purple pants extend to about halfway down his feet. As Kulk, he also grows black hair.


As Hirby, he is a calm, mild mannered genius professor, unlike Kirby, who speaks gibberish and just wants to eat, Hirby speaks just fine, and only eats when he really wants to. As Kulk, he becomes massive and destructive, he will smash or eat everything in his path if he is motivated to or is angry.

Hirby Banner as he appears in "The Inpoyoble Kulk"

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