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Krystal (Star Fox)
Krystal Smashified
Krystal, the blue Vixen
Full Name Krystal
Date of Birth 11 BLW
Gender Female
Species Blue Fox
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Fox McCloud - Boyfriend/Wife
Marcus McCloud (son)
Main Weapon(s) Krystal's Staff
Ability/ies Telepathy
First Appearance Star Fox Adventures

Krystal is a main character in the Star Fox series. She is the most recently recruited member of the Star Fox team and serves as Fox McCloud's love interest. She first appeared in Star Fox Adventures for the GameCube. She is a telepathic blue vixen and wields a staff.


Star Fox: The Final Assault

In this Star Fox: The Final Assault, Krystal is a playable character, along with Fox, Falco, Slippy, Miyu and Fay. She is a mediocre pilot at an Arwing, but on-foot she´s fast and strong. She doesn´t use her staff anymore, but she uses several guns and melee weapons new to the Star Fox team. Her personality is similar to the one she had in Star Fox: Assault but a bit more insightful, as shown in her conversations with Fox and the team. However, she does have moments of envy when Fay flirts with Fox, and even a thirst for revenge, when she learns about how Cerinia was really destroyed. In the end of the game, she gets a Medal of Honor from General Peppy Hare, along with her teammates, and she even accepts Fox´s proposal of marriage.

Super Smash Bros. Blue Heat

Krystal is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Blue Heat. She uses her staff to attack her opponents. Her Final Smash allows her to unleash purple lightning from her staff. The knockback on her Final Smash is very high. In the Story Mode, she saves Fox and Falco from Andross, and teams up with them.


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