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Krystal on the Assault!
Universe Star Fox
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Krystal's Staff

Krystal (クリスタル, Kurisutaru) appears as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. V, leaked on April 22, 2019 and officially revealed with a trailer along with the announcement of Star Fox Adventures HD on May 1, 2019.

Krystal is a vixen and the most recently-recruited member of the Star Fox team. She serves as Fox McCloud's main love interest (although Panther Caroso seems to be infatuated with her) and made her first appearance in the series in Star Fox Adventures. Krystal joined Star Fox almost immediately after the Saurian Crisis, taking Peppy Hare's place of fourth pilot. In addition to her fighter role, Krystal is the team's telepath; these abilities are first seen in Adventures and put to good use during the Aparoid Invasion. Using her abilities, she can read thought patterns and sense distress signals, which is vital for the team as they help out other planets.

She is confirmed to have no alternate costume.

Krystal is voiced by Alesia Glidewell and Aya Hara in japanese.



Quick and Nimble

Can crawl

Can wall cling/jump

Not much lag on most moves

Quick specials

Reliable moves


Most specials can be used against her

She is a very light character

Fast Faller

Some punishable moves


You can call Krystal a Snake that is female, a fox, lighter, faster, weaker, and more agile. Krystal somewhat, I think, plays similarly to Snake. She’s all about field control and quick in and outs. Her specials are very, very overwhelming. That combined with quick hitting regular attacks, yet weak, and nimble movement you’ve got yourself a character. Her moves are very reliable and pretty safe. She can crawl and wall climb/jump. Her specials also come out pretty quick.

Now, when you have a bunch of projectile based specials, they can be used against you, that’s the case with Krystal. Most of her projectiles can be reflected back at her and that doesn't usually fit it on occasions. She is a very light character and a fast faller, meaning that she can be comboed easily. Some of her moves are also pretty punishable. These aside, Krystal is good for players that love a field controlling character mixed with a quick attacking character.


Ground Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack 2%, 2%, 4% Krystal punches twice, then twirls kicking.
Neutral Combo
Dash Attack 6% (clean) or 4% (late) Krystal jumps slightly off the ground while running and performs a kick.
Forward Tilt 6% Krystal does a forward chop.
Up Tilt 8% (clean) or 6% (late) Krystal does an arc kick.
Down Tilt 8% Krystal does a half split kick.
Forward Smash Smashing Squeeze 14% Krystal uses psychic powers to squeeze opponents. Has alright range.
Up Smash Flip Kick 15% (clean), 11% (late) Simply flip kicks upwards similar to Fox or Falco. More of Fox, though.
Down Smash Homing Launcher 18% Krystal shoots a homing launcher downwards. She somehow isn’t damaged by the explosion...

Aerial Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Aerial 8% (Both Sides) Does a kick front and back.
Forward Aerial 10% Does a forward drop kick. Can KO at later percents.
Back Aerial 9% Simply Kicks backwards. Can KO at later percents
Up Aerial 8% Acrobatic kick upwards.
Down Aerial 2% (hits 1-3), 4% (hit 4) Stomps downwards multiple times. In a similar manner to Pacman.

Grabs and Throws

Name Damage Description
Pummel 1.4% *Grabs with one hand, short range* Chops/slaps opponent.
Forward Throw 9% Kicks opponent forward.
Back Throw 3% Slightly tosses opponent backwards.
Up Throw 9% Kicks opponent upwards.
Down Throw 10% Stomps on opponent. Opponent is downed automatically and forced to get up in the default manner AKA can’t be “teched”.


Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (front) 7% Krystal kicks around.
Floor Attack (back) 7% Krystal kicks around.
Floor Attack (trip) 5% Krystal kicks around.
Edge Attack 7% Krystal Gets up attacking.

Special Moves

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Grenade Thrown Immediately: 2-3% (throw), 6% (explosion), Charged: 2-4% (throw), 12% (explosion) When the special button is pressed Krystal pulls out a grenade. It can be thrown immediately but it will have about a 2.5 second delay before it explodes. If charged before being thrown, it explodes much more sooner than it would thrown immediately. The damage and knockback is higher when thrown immediately is higher. Contact from the grenade does damage and small knockback. The explosion has high knockback and damage. Can be reflected.
Alternate 1 Fuel Cell Manipulation 2% (min), 18% (max) Krystal uses psychic powers to charge a blue like aura similar to Lucario’s Aura Sphere and fires it off. Good knockback fully charged. Can be reflected.
Alternate 2 Twin Blaster 1.8% (far), 2.4%, or 4% (close) Works exactly like Fox’s blaster knockback wise, but does more damage as Krystal shoots with two. The put away time is a bit longer than that of Fox’s. Can be reflected.
Side Special Stun Pad 5% Krystal throws out a small yellow pad that paralyzes those hit. The throw can be charged to increase range. Can be reflected.
Alternate 1 Fireburst Pod 20% (explosion direct contact) 7% (flares) Krystal throws a Fireburst Pod on the ground. After 3 seconds of flaring it explodes sending flares in all directions that do damage and have average knockback. Can be reflected.
Alternate 2 Smart Bomb 15% (total) Work’s similarly to the item. Krystal’s Smart Bomb is blue and white instead of red and white. The flare released is also blue. The damage and knockback are much noticeably less
Up Special Booster Pack Krystal uses a built in Booster Pack to hover. While hovering, you can tap the Special button to move upwards for a good period of time while moving in any direction. If krystal is hit out of it in midair, she’s pretty much helpless as it can’t be used again. She can, however hop out of it on her own by using the Standard attack button and she can attack out of it.
Alternate 1 Fire Vixen 2% (charging hits 1-7), 14% (clean dash), 8% (late dash) Works just like Fire Fox/Bird. The fire is instead blue and the top is shaped like a Fox’s fangs/head.
Alternate 2 Krystal Mirage 5% Works just like Fox Illusion or Falco Phantasm. The difference is that she can’t go horizontally of course, but only diagonally or straight upwards. Has a slight meteor smash hitbox similar to Falco Phantasm.
Down Special Stealth Suit 2% (chop) Work’s similarly to Greninja’s Shadow Sneak. Krystal envelops herself using her stealth suit and can move in any direction grabbing opponent and a small disorienting chop to the head and grounding them (similar to Snake’s down throw) when released (or grabbing the air if used not even closed to opponent). Input Down + Special then tilt it right or left depending on where you want to move and strike. Instead of a Shadow being produced on the ground Krystal moves forward quickly. It can be made out where she is as a clear aura of her can be seen.
Alternate 1 Fuel Barrier 18% Krystal drops a Fuel Barrier forward on the ground which explodes on contact. That is, any slight touch (running up and trying to get past it etc.) sets it off; this applies to opponents. It is very powerful and KOs pretty early. It cannot be set of by Krystal running into it. Krystal has to attack it to set it off by direct attack. Can be reflected as it works exactly like Villager’s Side Smash, to an extent...
Alternate 2 Barrier Sphere 1.5x damage (reflected projectiles) Krystal shrouds herself in a blue sphere that reflects projectiles similarly to Fox’s Reflector. It doesn’t damage opponents.
Final Smash Krystal's Staff 18% (attack loop total), 20% (Ice and Fire attack loop total), 30% (Ground Quake) Krystal grabs nearest opponent shouts “HAH!” then throws them up as they’re sent into an animation which involves Krystal’s staff appearing glowing in blue. Krystal grabs it then jumps up then begins attacking opponent with the staff. After the brutal attacks, Krystal then fires multiple ice and fire blasts from the staff. Then Krystal finishes with a Ground Quake attack which takes the opponent down slamming them as they’re blasted away.

Animations and Misc.


About the same height as Fox


SIDE - Krystal points Dual Lasers forward saying “I can do this all day.”

UP - Krystal flips back then forth.

DOWN - Krystal sits with her legs crossed and says “It’s fun watching you try to lay a finger on me.”

Character Selection Screen Animation

Krystal puts her hands on her hips looking to the side.

On Screen Appearance

Krystal ejects from an Arwing. Very Similar to that of Fox, Falco, and Zero Suit Samus.

Victory Animations

Krystal’s staff gets tossed to her out of anywhere and she catches it saying “Maybe I should be using this more?”

Krystal walks forward communicating with the rest of the team saying “Star Fox, the mission has been completed.”

Krystal lays on the ground and puts her hand on her check with her legs up saying “I know you could’ve done better.”

Losing Animation

She’s seen simply clapping.

Crowd Cheer


Victory Theme

A remix of the main theme of the main theme of Star Fox 64, most specifically the title screen theme. It also shares similarities with the music that would play in that game when Fox completed a level, as that track was also based on the main theme.

Fighting Stance

Krystal stands with a hand on her hip.

Idle Poses

Stands with a leg in front of the other brushing hair

Puts hand on arm


Simply walks forward.


Runs forward both hands moving.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap


Color Origin/Description
Default Blue Krystal’s Regular appearance
Second Green Based off Sabre’s coloration
Third White Somewhat based off her appearance in Star Fox Adventures
Fourth Purple Based off her outfit in Star Fox Command
Fifth Yellow A yellow based coloration of Krystal
Sixth Black Could probably be based off Wolf
Locked First Red A red based coloration of Krystal
Locked Second Brown A military like appearance. Krystal also gains face paint.

Reveal Trailer

To be added.


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