Krystal is a Popopo who came to Zolara from Earth. She is from California and is a Telekinesis elemental, as well as being an electric and psychic elemental.


Krystal has got decently long black hair, a dark grey body and feet annd blue eyes


Krystal has fairly strong telekinetic abilities.


Krystal was a somewhat troubled 19-year-old girl in her human form. She was being treated as some sort of alien due to her having telekinetic powers, she was nearly disowned by her parents and had a bad tendency to send people flying with her powers. But, one day when her power caused a malfunction in an experiment and sent her and her friends into Zolara, they had to set out on an adventure.


Krystal is very kind and caring, but has a short fuse, so she can get wound up fairly easily.

Relationships with Other Characters

Quentin - Quentin is Krystal's brother.


Krystal is not to be confused with a character from the Star Fox series with the same name.

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