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Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human/Cryptor
Location Cheese Villiage
Class Villian/Scientist
Main Weapon(s) Variety
Ability/ies Able to make machines, Able to control magic.
First Appearance Cheese Cryptors
Latest Appearance Cheese Cryptors 2: Kryptor's Return
 Kryptor is the main villian in the Cheese Cryptors series. He first appeared in the original game, while testing his machine on Swiss.  The machine worked, transforming Swiss into a creature of his own design, a Cheese Cryptor. Since it worked so well, he decided to transform the planet into The Cheese World. Why cheese? Because Kryptor likes experimenting ideas, no matter how weird.


Kryptor puts the "mad" into "mad scientist." He has ideas, scientific or not, that he loves experimenting. When Swiss declared war against him in the original game, he formed a rivalry with him. More TBA 

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