Krush is a hammer bro. that appears in Super Paper Bros. his first appearance was in Super Paper Mario where he tried to help Princess Peach escape, but was mind controlled by Nastasia. After Mario saved the world, Krush was returned to his right mind, but was scarred from failing his masters orders. He bore the sybol of an outcast, he left the Koopa Troop and disappeared. He was found by Mario & Co. and vowed to follow Bowser to the end of the earth.


Hammer Toss

Tosses a hammer at an enemy causing 7 damage, if health is at critical he throws four hammers.

  • 0 FP
  • Inital

Giant Hammer

msahes an enemy with a powerful hammer piercing the defense.

  • 2 FP
  • Intial

Captains Orders

Wins over the side of the crowd.

  • 1 FP
  • Super Rank

Super Hammer

Tosses hammers at every enemy. Causing 10 damage, when critical causes 12 damage.

  • 5 FP
  • Ultra Rank


  • If the player unlocks Timmi it appears as if the two have a relationship.

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