I smash. I snipe. I'm happy.

Kruduka, aka "The Striker", is a Skakdi from the island Zakaz. He was created by JetStreak and is owned by JS Games Inc.


Kruduka's appearance is like any other Skakdi. He has a permanent smile and organic spines. His colors are brown, red, white, green, and gold.


He has the power of iron, hence the name Striker. He is able to absorb iron to increase his durability and can endure many attacks.


Kruduka's tools are a sniper rifle-like weapon and a claw.


Kruduka is strong, silent and not that bright. He only knows how to snipe and bash things and has either a short temper or a calm attitude.

Appearances in Games

All-Star Heroes

Kruduka makes his debut in All-Star Heroes II: Nazo Unleashed



  • Kruduka is not in the Piraka gang, even though he has a nickname.
  • Kruduka tends to play shooting games when he has nothing else to do.
  • He tends to play games like Mario Party and watch shows like SpongeBob Squarepants when no one is looking.

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