The Kresthitan Pantheon is a pantheon of various deities gathered from different areas conquered by Kresthita.


These are the deities as they are interpreted by the Pantheon.

Core Deities

These are the core deities of the Pantheon, and those considered directly involved in the creation of Aeo.

  • Alrarl: The patron deity of Kresthita and leader of the Pantheon and a deity with absolute control over Aeo. He created the Fox Children, who became the first Humans on Kresthita.
  • Ektaz: A deity who was once Alrarl's second-in-command, but was banished from Aeo after he tricked the Fox Children into separating into foxes and humans. He struggled against his banishment by fighting Alrarl for 100 years straight, before he was defeated.
  • Micaliye: The patron deity of Aereus, a benevolent deity who established early civilisation, then went on to create Noah which she ruled over for many years, bringing great prosperity to the Jonethr region. Her followers are called the Micalites.
  • Murtaa: The patron deity of Marais who was killed by Ektaz and had each of his aspects removed from him: his omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. These aspects began to manifest themselves in various humans throughout history, the Fractures.

Wizard Deities

These are deities revered by wizards of particular schools, who have not necessarily interfered with Aeo itself.

Other Deities

These are other deities who do not fall into the first two categories.

  • The Nameless Prince: The younger brother of Micaliye.
  • Dare: Dare is a deity who, oddly enough, appeared in the history of all of the nations conquered by Kresthita. He appears throughout history to test the worthiness of individuals for his unknown cause; many influential figures throughout history claim to have had an encounter with him.
  • Kai: A deity who was previously the patron deity of Cryomancers, Kai is shunned in Aereus for his plot to kill Micaliye.

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