Kresthita is an island, country and vast empire often referred to as the Kresthitan Empire which is a major political and military force which rules over the majority of Aeo in The Aeo Composition. Throughout the Composition they are alternately considered good and evil, usually depending on how long the area has been under their control. They are ruled by the Fox Emperor, although he is never seen by the citizens of the empire and rather communicates through his agents.


Kresthita was originally inhabited by the Fox Children, a race created by Alrarl by utilizing the Sacred Flame. Soon, however, Ektaz convinced the Fox Children to allow him to split them into Humans and foxes.

The inhabitants of Kresthita split into many different tribes, warring against each other for close to a thousand years. Around 5BFC, the Kresthitan tribes decided to attempt to unite under a single nation, and defeated the Psions and other tribes who refused to join them. By 2BFC, the tribes united and formed Kresthita, initially as a democracy. In 490FC, the Fox Agents appeared and, within five years, managed to peacefully overthrow the Kresthitan government and assume control.

Under the Fox Agents guidance, Kresthita invaded Marais and, following a four-year war, forced Marais to surrender and become the first nation (besides Kresthita itself) in the Kresthitan Empire. The Empire then began invasions of many other countries, such as Eallon to the west, Aelai to the south, and Aereus to the east.


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