The God of War
Current Age Immortal (physical age: 43)
Gender Male
Species Demigod
Location Sparta, Kingdom of Sparta, Greece
The All-Stars; formerly the Olympian Gods, the Spartan Army
Family and Relations
Zeus (father), Callisto (mother, deceased), Deimos (brother, deceased), Lysandra (wife, deceased) Calliope (daughter, deceased)
Main Weapon(s) Blades of Exile, many others
Nationality Greek
Height 6'4
Weight 380 pounds
The Ghost of Sparta, the God of War, the Marked Warrior; Death, the Destroyer of Worlds
Voice Actor(s)
Terrence C. Carson
Eye color Blue
Hair color Bald
First Appearance God of War (PS1)
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros.: Doomsday

Kratos was born in the city-state of Sparta from the union of the mortal woman Callisto and Zeus, king of the Olympian gods. Raised on Earth with no knowledge of his demigod nature, Kratos was, like all Spartan boys, trained to be a warrior from the moment he could walk. Taking eagerly to his studies, Kratos helped in the education of his younger brother Deimos, who had been born with a strange red birthmark covering his right eye. One day, as the brothers were training, Sparta was attacked by an army of monsters under the command of the gods Ares (god of war) and Athena (goddess of wisdom). Although Kratos tried to fight back, Ares easily beat him into submission and abducted Deimos, hoping to avert a prophecy that a man bearing a mark like Deimos' would cause the downfall of Olympus. Kratos' failure to protect his brother made a deep impact on him, and he had a red mark like Deimos' tattooed on his body in honor of his lost brother.

In adulthood, Kratos became a respected general in the Spartan army, leading his forces to victory over countless foes. He married a woman named Lysandra, who bore him a daughter named Calliope. Although Kratos loved his family deeply, Lysandra grew tired of the constant bloodshed that Kratos caused. Kratos finally met his match while fighting a barbarian army that threatened Sparta. With his army collapsing around him, Kratos desperately prayed to Ares, promising his eternal servitude in exchange for victory. Ares answered this prayer, granting Kratos great power and binding the Blades of Chaos to Kratos' forearms.

For a time, Kratos eagerly served the god of war, leading frenzied and bloodthirsty raids against the enemies of Ares. However, everything changed when Kratos led an assault on a village that harbored worshippers of Athena. Despite the warnings of the village oracle, Kratos broke into Athena's temple and slew everyone inside. When Kratos' bloody frenzy ended, he regained his senses in time to see his beloved wife and daughter, slain by his own hands. Ares had tricked Kratos into murdering them as part of a ploy to remove Kratos' humanity and mold him into a warrior capable of overthrowing Zeus and allowing Ares to rule Olympus. As a constant reminder of his crimes, the village oracle fused the ashes of Kratos' family to his skin, turning it white and earning Kratos the title of the "Ghost of Sparta".