is a boss in Bearded Smiley RPG who idolizes Uilee Tea, she always pretends that she is his wife. Although Uilee hates her, she never gives up and always agiley dodges Uilee's Banhammer whenever he sees her.


Most of Kratchulate's normal personality is unknown, but she likes to be villanous to side and be as much like Uilee Tea as she can. She tries to act gruff, but sometimes she just explodes into constant giggling fits.


Kratchulate tries looks like a female version of Uilee, but without the rage and the mug, but a left-fringed blonde hair and red lipsticked lips.


Bearded Smiley

Kratchulate is glad that Bearded stays away from her and doesn't annoy her, but she wants to speak to him more but then she doesn't due to his rivalry with Uilee.

Uilee Tea

Uilee is Kratchulate's idol. She wants to live with him forever and ignores his jibes and moaning to her as she just enjoys it.

The Judge

The Judge is shown to dislike Kratchulate for coming back into the court as a witness after a restraining order was set between her and Uilee. She doesn't seem to notice though.


Bearded Smiley RPG

Kratchulate is the penultimate boss who can attack with her lipstick and her weird circular device which can hypnotise people except Uilee, she can be defeated eventually, but she has high defense stats.

Stelivil's Smilonian Open

Kratchulate is the penultimate boss before Uilee.

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