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Full Name Krammar
Current Age 5
Date of Birth 10/1/3450
Zodiac Sign R-Co Sword
Gender Genderless-but is supposed to be a girl
Location 650-Memino City
Main Weapon(s) R-Co Sword and E-States
Element(s) Robotic
First Appearance Fantendo Riders
Latest Appearance Slash Bash
9009 Entertainment

Krammar is a robot from the future in the year 3450. It is suppose to be a girl-swordsman. It is very powerful.


In 3450, a robot under the name of Krammar was activated: It sees the world having concern. Suddenly, a professor opens the door and escorts her to the base. She proclaims that the Earth has no happiness and is vulnerable to any attack. She escorts Krammar to a time machine and Krammar enters it. Krammar goes back in the year 2011. Krammar gets started and participates in Fantendo Riders. 12% of Krammar's time is healed. She then enters a contest which she can have lots of fun called Slash and Bash in which they battle opponents and must win. Krammar won and 40% of her time is healed. Krammar looks for more opportunities to save her time.



  • This is the first robot in 9009 Entertainment
  • Krammar is pronounced "grammar" from "Language Arts" which the article lacks
  • Though it was made, it was announced that Krammar would not be used and put as BETA scraps for 9009 co.

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