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Full Name Kra;Gul


Kra;Gul was once a soldier for the Whdiaklz Millitary before eventually having to leave due to unspecified war crimes. He escaped through a rift and dimension hopped until he came across the Triggerbound Auditions and joined as one of The Original Ten.


Kra;Gul is often seen as the counterpart to Firefly. While she is primarily a support class who's still able to deal damage. Kra;Gul is an offense class who's capable of boosting his allies. His main attacks are a stream of low damage but high tick fire and fireballs that deal higher damage and knockback but fire slower. His Book of Ilbeia can boost the attack,speed or defense of his allies. His claws are pretty basic melee weapons that deal medium damage and hit quite fast.



The main Mouse1 fire is a stream of fire that deals low damage but at a high rate,his secondary fire fires off fireballs that do more damage but at a slower rate

Book of Ilbeia

The book cycles through 3 modes(attack boost,speed boost or defense boost) with the reload key/button. You can then apply this to an ally who will then gain a coloured glow depending on the boost. the boost lasts until they die and has infinite range


they're claws. Nothing much to really say here


Name Info
Default N/A

The normal colourization of any whdiaklz demon.

Coldhearted 50 Credz

The normal colourization of whdiaklz ice-demon

Arcane 100 Credz

Kra;Gul is now purple. His fire looks more mystical.

Doomed 9999 Credz

Kra;Gul is cosplaying as the Doom Marine,he wears a green shirt,camo pants and the signature Doom Marine helmet,also applies the fire effects of Gun God. Given out for free at San Diego Comic Con 2020

Gun God

1500 Credz

 he now wears a soldier helmet with a spade painted on the front and 6 bandoliers across his chest. His fire is replaced with bullets with the stream firing like an assault rifle and the fireballs like a shotgun(this does not affect performance, it simply looks hella sweet.)

Appearances in other games

Kra;Gul appeared in the non-canon game Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality as a base character.


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