Kouhai's Adventures Series is a spin-off of Pooh's Adventures Series. It centers around the male student from Double Date referred to as Kouhai, his Japanese name. Kouhai somehow ends up getting entangled in the plots of other movies and shows. Fortunately, several characters from numerous franchises and celebrities in real life are there to help him. The first in the series is Kouhai's Adventures of Sofia the First, a light novel that was later adapted as a manga, anime, visual novel, and podcast series.

Unlike Pooh's Adventures, Kouhai's Adventures are not initially videos, but they usually begin as books or podcasts. While Pooh's Adventures always uses clips from the existing material and never animates their own, Kouhai's Adventures almost never use other companies' clips, only other companies' characters.

List of Kouhai's Adventures books

Over 80% of all Kouhai's Adventures stories begin as books, and about 95% of them are eventually made into books. In Kouhai's Adventures case, a "book" is any form of media that isn't animated and uses only visual aspects. They aren't interactive, either, which is why Kouhai's Adventures websites don't count as books.

Light novels

A light novel is a novel that includes a few anime drawings in each chapter. Light novels are usually published in Japan, but I'm American, so the following aren't:

  • Kouhai's Adventures of Sofia the First: Kouhai goes on his third double date in Enchancia, where he discovers that the new princess Sofia is having trouble fitting in as a princess, and that Haruhi Suzumiya has turned into a sorceress.

Doll scam novellas

By doll scam novellas, I mean small, two- or six-book series that come with a crappily-crafted paper doll. Much like American Girl, except that they actually make dolls and deserve the money.

  • Kouhai's Adventures of Wreck-it Ralph: These six red books (Meet Wreck-it Ralph, Turbo Learns a Lesson, Vannelope's Surprise, Happy Birthday, Kisshu, Kouhai Saves the Day and Changes for Game Central Station) chronicle Kouhai's adventures before, during, and after the Wreck-it Ralph storyline as a Wii game minigame character.

Comics-prose novellas

The following are mixtures of plain old prose and comics:

  • Kouhai's Adventures of Cinder: Aliens from Venus and underground mutants join the cast of Cinder in defeating (and allying with) the evil Lunar Queen Levana.

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