Korra (Lumoshi's Cookies: War)
Universe Avatar
Smash Appearances
Lumoshi's Cookies: War
Availability Starter
Korra is one of the eight starting characters in Lumoshi's Cookies: War.


Normal moves

  • Normal: Korra bends a small amount of water at foes. Deals 3-5% damage.
  • Up: Korra does a small jump and then a puff of fire. Deals 5-8% damage.
  • Side: Korra sends out air and forms a small tornado. Deals 6-10% damage.
  • Down: Korra bends out some slabs of earth at opponents. Deals 8-12% damage.

Special moves

  • Normal: Korra chucks bigger slabs of rocks at foes. Deals 15-20% damage.
  • Up: Korra jumps in the air using airbending and can go very high. Forms a tornado. Deals 12-15% damage.
  • Side: Korra uses a large amount of fire to create a blazing inferno. Deals 16-18% damage.
  • Down: Korra sends a massive wave of water out. Deals 12-16% damage.

Amiibo moves

Korra's moves accessible through Amiibo are as follows. They can be swapped out with special moves.

  • Normal: Korra slicks the ground using water. Does not deal damage but makes enemies slip on ice, enabling attacks.
  • Up: Korra makes platforms rise from the ground for a few seconds, complicating enemy moves. Deals 12-14% damage.
  • Side: Korra sends flames at enemies. Deals 15-18% damage.
  • Down: Korra sends massive currents around the stage. Does not deal damage but can enable easy attacks.

Finale move

Korra goes into the Avatar State and bends out massive amounts of each element in the order water, earth, fire, and air. Each deals 10-15% damage and in total the attack deals 40-60% damage.

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