Kooprina is a female Koopa that lives with her farther Koopal near the Sparkling Marsh. Luigi appears and she sees him and gets excited because she is a big fan of Luigi. She then asks to join and Luigi accepts.Koopal then asks her father if she could join Luigi on his adventure he says yes as well. Luigi then asks her father if there is a way to get to the bottom of Sparkling Marsh. Koopal then explains that they own a submarine and decide to take him on it so that the can go underwater. Then Koopal and everyone else aboard the submarine. They then try to find King Swamp Guy's Castle.


She likes books and is fascinated by different types of people.


Tattle - She looks up the enemy they are fighting in her tattle log. She then tells what it is and how to defeat it.

Shell Dash - She goes inside her shell and dashes through the enemies causing damage as well.

Shell Bounce- She goes in her shell and bounces on the enemy (or enemies).

Item Announce- She exclaims an item from the log and they get it. They have an option to either use it now or use it later in battle.

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