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The Kingdom of Kooprenia
Greater Location Astral Kingdom
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles
Current Ruler King Koopree & Queen Katelyn
Current Inhabitant(s)
Toads, Koopas
Included Environment(s)
Kooprenia Meadows

Kooprenia Castle Kooprenia Castle Town

The Kingdom of Kooprenia is a small kingdom which has a rich history behind it, having a royal family that spans many generations. It is now a peaceful haven that upholds much of its history, down to the buildings. Once a mighty empire, the kingdom has now receded into a small enclave completely surrounded by the neighboring Astral Kingdom.


The Kooprenia Kingdom was born from the Koopa-Mushroom Empire and was a mighty influence on the rest of the world in its heyday. Once the most powerful army in the world, it conquered many lands and held rule over much of the modern Mushroom Kingdom and Astral Kingdoms. After the empire began to collapse, the Mushroom Kingdom seceded from it, taking much of the Mushroom side of the empire, and prospered. Meanwhile, the Koopa empire saw a civil war which split the country in two. The rebel side separated into the bordering Mushroom Kingdom which over time, came to be ruled by Bowser. The remnants of the empire were left in the Astral Kingdom, and a monarchy was established with King Kooprius I being the first monarch to rule, this time with a peaceful legacy. The remaining lands surrounding the kingdom were annexed back into the Astral Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdoms, leaving the borders where they are today.

In Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles

After traversing the Kooprenia Meadows, Mario arrives in the Kooprenia Kingdom, ruled by the just King Koopree. He is immediately welcomed by the royal family and the citizens of Kooprenia and he is shown the chamber in the castle where the Orange Aeon star is kept, handed down from the royal family over generations of safekeeping. The king is happy to give Mario the star once he explains his quest, and says he will prepare it to give to Mario during a great banquet later that evening as it is custom to have a ceremony in the kingdom whenever the star is passed from one guardian to another. As preparations set, Mario meets the king's daughter, Katrina who is excited by the fact she's meeting him. After pulling Mario along and showing him the castle town for some afternoon tea, they return to the castle to find that everyone has been turned into stone, and the star missing. Katrina starts to panic as she searches the castle for explanations, but to no avail. Soon she notices that out of everyone turned into stone, Kappro, the king's advisor is nowhere to be seen, stone or not. The trio then make a full search throughout the castle, and Mario can access more of the castle now, especially with Katrina's help as her koopa abilities allow the party to get through the puzzles which are known only by the . After searching through some tricky hallways and some ancient traps, he comes across a swivelling bookcase in the study which takes him to an isolated room with Kappro and the Orange Aeon star. At first surprised that he managed to be tracked down and that Mario and Katrina are not stone as he was unaware of their afternoon tea party, he explains that he was the cause of everyone turning to stone. While working as the king's advisor, he had been plotting to overthrow him and steal the crown for himself. As a scholar, he was studying in ancient magic that allowed him to cast this spell, and what was needed was some power from the Aeon Star. He boasts that this is the end for Katrina and Mario and attacks, powered up by the star.

After a lengthy and tough battle, Mario comes out as triumphant and takes the Orange Aeon Star from Kappro's grasp. Katrina gives Kappro some harsh words before repeatedly striking him and demanding everyone be turned back. Kappro admits that he does not know how to reverse the spell as he only learned the first part, sending Katrina into a tantrum. The Tome of Time reacts with the Orange Aeon Star and shows a vision from the past - the same spell was used in the past by a mysterious hooded koopa with a long beard, who accidentally turned his loved ones into stone. Searching far and wide for the cure, he finally writes the counterspell, which is revealed to Kappro, who uses it to revert the spell. Kappro is thrown into the dungeons to give him time to reconsider his actions, and the ceremony goes on that evening, officially netting Mario his 2nd Aeon Star. Mario waves farewell to the royal family and heads back into Astral City. Arriving back in the city, he is chased by Katrina, who has agreed with her father to accompany Mario and see more of the world, hoping that her experiences will open her horizons as well as to be grateful to Mario for helping her in return. The party, now steadily getting bigger heads back to the Starchives, where the Tome of Time points them further south to the glorious modern metropolis of Bomankh. The party goes underground to the Astral City sewers to find the pipe that leads to Bomankh.

Notable Residents

Royal Family

  • King Koopree Koopa VII
  • Queen Katelyn Koopa
  • Princess Katrina Koopa

Banquet Guests

  • Prince Boh of the Principality of Hauntduras
  • Royal T. of The United Shroomdom
  • King Gomm of Goomany
  • Queen Goomaye of Goomany
  • Prince Peasely of the Beanbean Kingdom
  • Lady Bow of Forever Forest
  • Bootler

Castle Staff

  • Kappro
  • Koopert
  • Koobert
  • Kooze
  • Kappley
  • Kaprice


  • Kapper
  • Kootley
  • Karin
  • Koopton
  • Kappsy
  • Fligh T.
  • Frew T.
  • Shiff T.
  • Snew T.


# Image Name HP ATK DEF Location Tattle
1 Goombatrc Goomba 2 1 0 Kooprenia Meadows Hey, that's a Goomba. These Goombas are wild and do not affiliate with anyone, but they're not very tough. Goombas used to be the best Alliance of the Toads, until Bowser came along and they betrayed them. Fortunately, we have nice Goombas that have learned to behave (Such as me~) and we'll be able to help you.
2 Paragoombatrc Paragoomba 2 1 0 Kooprenia Meadows That's a Paragoomba, Mario. These winged brutes can dodge your hammer attacks, but their wings are fragile, and break off easily. These ones have evolved to grow their wings back faster, so take them out before thay can grow them back. Oh, I'd love to have wings~
3 Spikygoombatrc Spiky Goomba 2 2 0 Kooprenia Meadows That's a Spiky Goomba: Goombas who wear spiked hats to repel jump attacks, how crafty. Use your hammer to take them out or else you'll get damaged. Sometimes, if there's a large tremor or earthquake, the hats can fall off and they'll continue as a normal Goomba~
14 KoopatrootpaPMTRC Koopa Troopa 4 2 1 Kooprenia Castle You should be familiar with these guys, right Mario? One jump and they'll flip on their back, which lowers their defense. These Koopa Troopas have been eating your jump attacks since the day you've been able to do so, so show them no mercy!
15 ParatroopaPMTRC Paratroopa 4 2 1 Kooprenia Castle OH COME ON. Even Koopas have wings, and I don't! These things will lose their wings after one jump, and turn into normal Koopa Troopas. After this just dish out your usual three courses of pain: Jump, flip them on their backs, and attack while their guard is down.
32 Dull Bones 2 1 1 Kooprenia Castle That is a Dull Bones, a skeletal Koopa Troopa. These things kinda freak me out... I'd like to stay away from them as much as possible. They throw bones to attack and can even build reinforcements! Take them out with moves that hit multiple enemies!
130 Bald Cleft 2 1 2 Kooprenia Castle This is a Bald Cleft. They're rocky monsters that camouflage into the background and attack when you're not looking. These guys are literally rock solid. They can't be damaged by fire, but a POW Block might work. They've got strange faces and shiny heads... yeah. Not my type.
176 Kappro 25 2 1 Kooprenia Castle This is Kappro, the King's advisor. He is motivated by delusios of power, and he's apparently learned some magic on the side in order to fulfill his ambitions. I don't like this guy, so have at him! He can summon some Dull Bones with him, so take them out first! He also can charge a powerful magic spell, so I recommend you get Winston to help you dodge that or that will really hurt!



Music Title Location Played Music
Verdant Fields Kooprenia Meadows
Paper Mario CTC Music The Central Plains (fanmade)01:58

Paper Mario CTC Music The Central Plains (fanmade)

Humble Village

Kooprenia Castle Town

Halls of History

Kooprenia Castle

The Sorcerer's Spell

Chapter 1 Boss Battle

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