Koopa Kid Animation - OF DOOM
Koopa Kid Animation - OF DOOM
Koopompany, where Bowser and kids get real attention.

Join our triforce, or the CDI games will return
Ganon prompting others to join

Where Bowser is NEVER left out.
Koopompany slogan

This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.



The company that makes game related to Bowser's army.
Type of Company Video Game Company
Founder(s) Fandro
Founded at/in November 30, 2013
Headquarters Fantendo
Area(s) Served All countries
Owner(s) Crimson el Roserade
No. of Employee(s) Nerdude360
  • MarioGumballX
  • NSBWu
  • SuperSonicDarkness
  • Blue Jay of Lightening
  • BielGuy
  • Yvetal (Artist)
  • Marx422
  • Ghostracer (formerly)
  • Withersoul 235
  • .vectorDestiny
  • Lumoshi
  • Bob the Blob
  • Keebs
  • Turtle
  • RDSP
  • Random Piece of Space
  • PatrickSG
Koopompany is the producer of many games related to Bowser's army.  It is led by Fandro.  It is properly named "Koopompany", although an alternative can be "Koopompony".

Since June 29, 2014, Koopompany became a subcompany of Fandraxonian Enterprises, owning all of its games and property.


  • King Bowser
  • Ludwig von Koopa
  • Motley Boss Blob


The products of the company are:

Games Starring All Koopalings

Games that Don't Star all Koopalings/Downloadable Content

Bowser Series

TV Series


  • An second upcoming Koopalings movie

What can be done in Koopompany

  • Edit any article that has the Koopompany banner on it or is in the Koopompany Products category
  • Make sequels and prequels to my games
  • Get friendly messages
  • Become his friend
  • If you the owner of a Koopompany affiliate, you can edit Koopompany games as well.
  • If you feel bad about not working much, at least remember you aren't the guys below:
9-Volt and 18-Volt

WORK MY SLAVES, WORK! (click to see)


  • No spamming or trolling
  • Make somewhat big edits to pages, don't make tiny little ones
  • Be helpful and kind to others.
  • No Frollo allowed.

Disobeying any of the above will make you receive a warning.



Owner - Crimson el Roserade founded this and is the boss

Assistant - Can do anything in company, including changing rules, but cannot rule over Fandro

Employee - Has made a game

Has Yet to Make Game - He/She needs to make a game first to have a true position

Workers Themselves

Worker Koopa Picture Status
Fandraxono/Crimson el Roserade BowserNSMBUnew Owner/Boss
LegendaryIce Bowser Jr SMHRS Main Assistant

Worker Koopa Picture
MeGaeXal 350px-NSMBU LarryKoopa
NSMWu Harley B. Koopa NSMBVR
SuperSonicDarkness MortonSSB4
Blue Jay of Lightning Roy Koopa
BielGuy Koopa Kid Animation - OF DOOM
Marx422 ThomasEKoopa
DocNewFound JacksonByArend
AwesomeLuke 395px-Tim J Koopa NSMBVR
KinglerMaster IggyNSMBU1
DoodleFox Lemmy Koopa 3D1234
PatrickSG RossKoopaEva

Worker Koopa Picture
Yveltal 230px-LudwigNSMBU

Worker Koopa Picture Status
.vectorDestiny Boom Boom 3d Employee / Artist
Lumoshi Giga bowser1 Employee / Artist

Worker Koopa Picture
Indigo Fusionbolt Black Koopa Bro.
Turtle DragoniaByArend
Withersoul 235 Alexekoopa
Team-Eva Mortisha
CrunchyTommy Koopa Luigi


  • Ghostracer: He was a nice guy who knew much about wikitext, but he got his account disabled globally without any given reason (as well his wiki's are closed). Position (when he was still active): Employee
  • Blue Jay of Lightning: Account disabled, was employee.

Threads on Products


If you are misbehaving, this warning will show up.  Only Crimson el Roserade can use the template due to his ownership of the company.  You may use if you have permission and a reason to use it.

Hello, Koopompany member. This is just a warning so your inappropriate behavior can be stopped. The reason for this warning is: This is just a warning example. The template is called "Koopompany Warning".. Please follow the rules of the company or you will be fired or degraded to a lower position.

Koopompany Rating System

Yeah, Koopompany has a rating system. Here is the table for ratings:

Rating Description How to Get Awards
This Game SHOULD EXIST! This game is so epic that Nintendo should consider either hiring you or making the game! Make a game that Nintendo should make! I'll nominate it for the next featured article.
Excellent Work - Unique! This game is unique and fresh!  Well done! Make a game that exceeds our expectations. I will make a template for you!
Koopompany Approved This is approved by Koopompany!  Want to join? Make a game that Koopompany approves. Be asked to join Koopompany.
OK! This article can fit on the site, its a pleasure having it here! Make a game that can keep its place on Fantendo. Nothing
Boring-Snoring This game is a bit boring for us. Make a game that is boring. Nothing
Terrible THIS GAME SUCKS. Make a game that sucks. Nothing.

Projects in Beta

Artwork for Koopompany

Have artwork?  Place it in the subpage.

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