Developer(s) Emerald
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) They're listed somewhere else.
Release Date(s)
January 1st, 2016
Story Mode, Free Play, Puzzle Mode, Battle Mode, Racing Mode
Age Rating(s)
IGN: 10/10
Genre(s) 3d Platformer
Series Paper Mario
Predecessor Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Successor Kooper 2: Battle for That Island With An Volcano Or Whatever...
Media Included Optical Disc
Available Input Gamecube Controller, Wii Remote, Wii U Gamepad
Storage Needed 8 GB
Cost 20.00 $
Kooper is a game for a few fanon game consoles (Wii 2Super NDSEmerald Playfun, and Wii U2).


  • Kooper
  • Koops (Second player in Story mode, playable character in Freeplay and the multiplayer modes.)
  • King Goomba (final boss)

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