Current Age 20
Gender Female
Location Koopa Village
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Ability/ies Can reach distant objects w/ Shell Shoot
Shell Shield
Bullet Shell
Vulnerable To Aerial attacks
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Shards of Time

Koopelle is a character who debuts in Paper Mario: The Shards of Time. She is a friendly, feisty and slightly flirty Koopa girl, and is the second Party Member to be recruited; she is recruited in Koopa Village.


Physical Description


Her field ability allows Mario to hit far away blocks. She can also be held in place (similar to Koops from The Thousand Year Door). She and Bullet Baxter are the only Party Members to have a Defense of 1; all the others have no Defense.

Being a Koopa, an aerial attack will flip her onto her back for one turn, leaving her helpless at that time, as well as dropping her Defense down to 0. However, the Koopatrol Helmet protects her from aerial attacks and deals 1 HP of damage to the foe at the same time.


No Rank255
Super Rank3010
Ultra Rank3515
Omega Rank4525


NameDesc.Base Dmg.No# of HitsEffectTarget(s)Action Cmd.Flower Pts.Rank
Shell ShootShoot into the enemy while in your shell.2 (Normal rank)
3 (Super rank)
4 (Ultra rank)
5 (Omega rank)
1Damages foe.First ground-bound foe.Hold the Control Stick to the left until the button lights up, then release.0Start
CheerCheer to boost Mario/Luigi's attack01Raises Mario/Luigi's attack power by 2 for 1-3 turns; no# of turns depends on how many times the Action Cmd. was performed successfully. With Mystic Bracelets equipped, raises Mario's attack power by 3.MarioPress "A" as each of the 3 buttons light up3Start
Shell ShieldCover Mario/Luigi with a giant shell to protect him. 4Super
Bullet Shell 6-9 (depending on how much the attack is "charged" by pressing "A" repeatedly)1NoneAll ground-bound foesPress "A" repeatedly to charge up power5Omega


Koopatrol HelmetA helmet worn by the Koopatrol.Prevents aerial attacks (such as jump attacks and aerial projectiles) from harming Koopelle. Enemies that jump on her will deal no damage and take 1 HP of damage in return.
Mystic BraceletsMysterious and fashionable bracelets.The Cheer attack now raises Mario/Luigi's attack power by 3.


Koopelle is friendly, feisty and slightly flirty.