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Kooped Up is an animated series made by Koopompany revolving around Bowser and his Koopalings and their adventures in the Koopa Kingdom and their ongoing war with the people of the Mushroom Kingdom and it's leader Princess Peach.


Major Characters

Picture Name First Appearance Voice Actor/Actress
N/A Bowser Pilot Patrick Warburton
N/A Lavora Pilot Mackenzie Lintz
N/A Mortisha Shocking Taylor Swift
N/A Thomas Shocking Matthew Perry
N/A Pyotr Melodic Madness David Schwimmer
N/A Ludwig Pilot Hank Azaria
N/A Gyro Bowser's Chamber William Salyers
N/A Lemmy Pilot Nancy Cartwright
N/A Roy Pilot Dan Falcone
N/A Kevin Hoops-on-Hoops Jeremy Shada
N/A Stephan Hoops-on-Hoops Sam Marin
N/A Ross Pilot David Schwimmer
N/A Iggy Pilot Matthew Gubler
N/A Alex Shocking Jeremy Shada
N/A Elly Pilot Stacey DePass
N/A Dolly Pilot Madison Lintz
N/A Noah Inside Out Sam Marin
N/A Wendy Pilot Tabitha Germain
N/A Risen Bowser's Chamber Chandler Riggs
N/A Theo Bowser's Chamber Zachary Levi
N/A Bazyli Shocking Logan Grove
N/A Morton Jr. Pilot Kevin Richardson
N/A Josephine Pilot Lacey Chabert
N/A Lady Pilot Stefani Germanotta
N/A Jackson Pilot Jeremy Shada
N/A Larry Pilot Logan Grove
N/A Chris The New Koopaling Nancy Cartwright
N/A Harley Pilot Billy West
N/A Tim Pilot Scott Grimes
N/A Bowser Jr. Like Father Like Son Scott Grimes
N/A Justin Pilot Scott Grimes
N/A Dragonia Pilot Isabella Acres
N/A Pauline Moving On Rosie Perez
N/A Princess Peach Pilot Samantha Kelly
N/A Princess Daisy Hoops-on-Hoops Anika Rose

Minor Characters

Picture Name First Appearance Voice Actor/Actress
N/A Persephone Conqueror Isabella Acres
N/A Jacob Conqueror Nancy Cartwright
N/A Mario Conqueror Charles Martinet
N/A Luigi Fright Night Charles Martinet
N/A Rosalina Space Race Taylor Swift
N/A Kammy Baby Sitting Patti LaBelle
N/A Toad The Mushroom War Scott Grimes
N/A Toadette The Mushroom War Isabella Acres
N/A DK Moving On Nicolas Cage
N/A Candy Moving On Maria Bamford
N/A Brenadine Merry Birthmas Samantha Kelly
N/A Morton Sr. Merry Birthmas Kevin Richardson
N/A Edith Merry Birthmas Tress MacNeille
N/A Berrylinda Merry Birthmas Oprah Winfrey
N/A Amena Hello? Afshad Azad

Deceased Characters

Picture Name First Appearance Voice Actor/Actress
N/A Clawdia Bowser's Chamber Anika Rose
N/A Becki Shocking Kate Micucci
N/A Jinkesse Bowser's Chamber Rachel Wilson
N/A Christian The New Koopaling Nicolas Cage
N/A Betty Betty-Spaghetti Betty White
N/A Cleopatra Cleopatra Maggie Roswell
N/A Persimmon Conqueror Amandla Stenberg


Season One

Episode Name Episode Synopsis Notable Events Episode Number
Pilot Join Bowser and his Family in this crazy fun-filled adventure! Bowser's Birthday 000
Over the Rainbow Lavora finds a crystal in the woods that can change the color of things. Lavora get's a Neclace 001
Cloud Nine Ludwig takes Lemmy to Cloud World for a vacation. Ludwig breaks his Leg 002
The Great Cooking Spree Dolly enters a Cooking Contest in secret but her dad finds out. Dolly runs Away 003
Far and Wide Elly and Josephine start a search party for Dolly. Josephine gets her Leg cut off 004
Guess Who? A Koopaling returns from a minor absence. Josephine gets  a Peg Leg 005
Found You! Harley finds Dolly hiding away in the Mushroom Kingdom. Dolly comes Home 006
Melodic Madness Ludwig comes home from the Hospital to find Pyotr in his room. Ludwig comes Home 007
Hoops-on-Hoops Stephan challenges Kevin to a Basketball game but it gets crashed by Daisy. Bowser's Garden gets destroyed 008
No Fair! Wendy and Roy get into a fight over the computer. A portal is created 009
Inside Out A portal opens to another world where the events of Super Mario Land 3 never happend. Noah is adopted 010

Season Two

Episode Name Episode Synopsis Notable Events Episode Number
Shocking Bowser's sister dies so his Niece moves in. Mortisha is adopted 011
Space Race Elly and Ross capture Rosalina and take a cruise in Space. Elly and Ross get stuck in Space 012
Cleopatra Lady, Jackson and Larry head into Old Sarrasaland to hunt for Daisy's Great-Great Grandmother's Tomb. Cleopatra moves into the Koopa Kingdom 013
Fright Night Mortisha and Lavora go camping in the woods and Luigi plays pranks on them in the night. Halloween Special 014
The New Koopaling A Long lost Koopaling who was living with his Great Grandfather returns to live with Bowser.

Chris is Re-Adopted

Christian Dies

Mid-Season Finale

Quadruplets Lady, Jackson, Larry and Chris all play four part pranks on the other Koopalings. Mortisha's room Explodes 016
Ready or Not The Koopalings play Hide and Seek in the Castle and come across some secrets. Bowser's Chamber is Found 017
Bowser's Chamber The Koopalings confront Bowser about the secret Room and he agrees to open it.

Jinkesse is Reactivated

Clawdia's Ghost

Moving On Cleopatra tells Bowser to start dating again and he meets a new arival to the Mushroom World. Bowser starts dating Pauline 019
Double or Nothing Risen challenges Tim to a contest of Speed and things get out of hand. Tim breaks his Glasses 020
Amputees Josephine and Bazyli start to play board game during a power cut and develop an unlikely friendship. Josephine and Bazyli form an Alliance. 021
Like Father Like Son Bowser Jr. returns from Summer School and starts to cause havoc for the others. Bowser Jr. comes Home 022
Merry Birthmas It's Christmas and it's also Wendy's Birthday, all of Bowser's relatives show up.

Wendy's Birthday

Christmas Special

Conqueror Peach holds a meeting and declares war on the Koopa Kingdom. Start of the Mushroom War 024
The Mushroom War A huge war breaks out and most of the land is destroyed in both Kingdoms.

Persimmon Dies

Persephone is Born

Season Finale


Season Three

Episode Name Episode Synopsis Notable Events Episode Number
Mushroom Clouds A bomb is dropped and the Koopalings are left picking up the peices. The Mushroom Bomb is Dropped 026
The Bell Tolls Bowser and Pauline move forward in their relationship as they get engaged.  Bowser and Pauline's Engagment 027
Red Water The water suply turns red and a sickness spreads around the castle.  The Koopa Flu spreads 028
Galaxy Warz Elly and Ross are still in space and are still trying to get back, but a strange race of aliens wants to stop them. Start of the Mini-Space War 029
Shoots and Ladders As an alternate sullution to fighting, Bowser and Peach play Shoots and Ladders to end the War. End of the Mushroom War 030
Starlight Ross and Elly return to the Mushroom World and are greeted with the aftermath. Ross and Elly come Home 031
Spring Cleaning Pauline cleans up the Koopa Kingdom and helps the victims of the War Pauline gets a Job 032
Wedding Wish Bowser and Pauline get married but things start to fall apart. Bowser and Pauline get Married 033
Passover A strange creature passes over the Koopa Kingdom leaving things behind. Bowser Jr goes back to Summer School 034
Happy Boo Year Bowser and his family go on a cruise for New Years but it Capsizes at midnight.

Sinking of the Rainbow Star Cruiser

New Years Special

Mid-Season Finale

Washed Up Bowser and his family wash ashore an island and build a shelter out of leaves. They get Stranded 036
Out of Bounds Risen and Justin find a Hunters Cabin but they then start to get chased and hunted for their shells. Death of the Hunters 37
Santuary Bowser and his family find a resort on the otherside of the island and use it's phone. Bowser and Peach make up 038
Home Peach flies Bowser and his family home but has some big news for Bowser. Bowser learns of Persephone 039
Who Dat Bowser and Pauline let the other Koopalings meet Persephone and Jacob for the first time. The Koopalings meet Persephone and Jacob 040
Disco Ball Roy throws a party but doesn't want his embarasing siblings to ruin it for him. Roy gets Dumped 041
Bed of Roses Mortisha is tricked into eating a magic apple and falls into a deep sleep. Mortisha is put under a Spell 042
Cleopatra's Crown Cleopatra's Crown goes missing and she sets up an investigation service. Cleopatra starts a Business 043
Evil Within Bazyli and Josephine announce their evil scheme and set forth into the Mushroom Kingdom. Bazyli and Josephine Leave 044
Loves First Kiss A handsome Koopa enters the Kingdom and Kisses Mortisha to wake her up.

Mortisha Wakes Up

Season Finale


Season Four

Episode Name Episode Synopsis Notable Events Episode Number
Clawdia's Story Berrylinda tells the Koopalings of Clawdia's adventures before. Clawdia's past is Revealed 046
Shoot, I missed! Bazyli and Josephine try to assasanate Princess Peach but they miss and hit someone else.

Daisy gets Shot

Power Flower Daisy has a coma dream about her life and starts to get scared.

Time Jump (Two Weeks)

Daisy wakes Up

But Daddy! Wendy doesn't get a new phone after she broke her old one and moves in with Edith and Morton Sr. Wendy moves Out 049
Who do you Think you Are? The Koopalings enter a Family Quiz Show to try win some money for Pauline's Birthday.

Pauline's Birthday

Mid-Season Finale

Roots Edith, Morton Sr. and Berrylinda look back through the years and tell stories of their ancestors. The Koopa family tree is explored 051
Sister Blister Bowser's sister Brenadine shows up with her daughter Opal and they start to overstay their welcome. Opal meets the Koopalings 052
Zzzz The Koopalings are put under a spell by the wizard who tricked Mortisha and all share the same dream. The Koopalings Fall Asleep 053
Home Alone Bowser and Pauline decide not to wake the Koopalings and spend the day together. Pauline and Bowser go to Pena Park 054
Wakey-Wakey The Koopalings are woken up to find the whole kingdom empty.

The Koopalings Wake Up

Season Finale


Season Five

Episode Name Episode Synopsis Notable Events Episode Number
Nice Guys The Koopa that woke Mortisha from her slumber comes back to try and date her. Mortisha Comes Out as Gay 056
Later Brenadine and Opal prepare to leave back to their Kingdom. Brenadine and Opal go Home 057
Um, Excuuuse Me Lavora and Josephine get into a sass-fight and settle it in a game of paintball. The Koopalings go Paintballing 058
Om Nom Nom Morton Jr. keeps eating Dolly's food that she prepares for a party. Morton Gets Locked in a Freezer 059
Party Again Roy throws another party to see if he will meet anyone he likes.

Roy Throws a Party

Mid-Season Finale

Stop Okay Just Stop The wizard returns to put the Koopa's back to sleep but is stopped in his tracks. The Wizard Dies 061
Bye Bye Birdo Birdo leaves for the Mushroom Kingdom in the dead of night. Birdo Leaves for Good 062
Sunshine Lollypops Bowser, Pauline and the Koopalings go to Ilse Delfino for the week and leave Lavora and Mortisha to look after the castle. Lavora and Mortisha Trash the Castle 063
Old Sarasaland Peach and Daisy head into Old Sarasaland and find a group of old residents gone insane. Peach and Daisy go to Old Sarasaland 064
Betty-Spaghetti Bowser's Aunt Betty comes to visit but keeps getting into accidents.

Dolly's Kitchen Explodes

Wendy Gets a Car

Betty Dies

Lalalala A strange singing plague passes through the Kingdom. Musical Episode 066
The Fat Lady Sings Wendy tries to stop the singing by gaining lots of weight and singing herself. Wendy Ends the Singing 067
Can You Imagine Bowser imagines what the future might be like for him and his family. Hypothetical Episode 068
Hello? A new girl from a far away Kingdom arrives as an escapee from her Kingdoms War. Amena Arives in the Koopa Kingdom 069
Amena's Kingdom Amena seeks help from the Koopas in getting back to her Kingdom

Bowser and the Koopalings set off on a journy to Amena's Kingdom

Season Finale



  • Most of the events in the show are Non-Canonical to the Games.
  • It's revealed that Persephone was named after Peach's dearly departed sister Persimmon.
  • Pauline turns out to be a bad guy and joins Bowser's side.
  • Daisy is shown to have some evil relatives.
  • Mortisha shares a room with Lavora as of Quadruplets.
  • Amena is the only character to be introduced in the Show before a Game debut.

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