Koopalings Warriors is a spin-off game made by Koopompany. It is a Dynasty Warriors styled game based off of the koopalings individual unique abilities. 


It was the Koopalings birthday, they were turning five. Each and every Koopaling learns its skill when its five, so each of them was practicing in there cars. Suddenly a Shy-Guy like enemy attacks Bowsers castle. Bowser said "Wha--" then Zios says "Don't act like a fool. You know who I am, and I have finally returned after being imprisoned all of these years, Bowser" "You must be mistaken" "This is revenge old friend. I will never forgive you". Bowser, confused decides to fight for his kingdom. During Koopalings Warriors the Koopalings will learn more and more about there unique skills.

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