Koopalings Revenge is based on many other games but bowser pushed them over the line, doing his chores and getting bashed up by mario or luigi, all koopalings,koopa troopa, paratroopa and dry bones all want revenge for the madness of bowser. Bowser is left behind and he is lonly because adventuly they make a castle with better forces to beat bowser, if mario comes or luigi comes they will destroy them for good but luckily they are trapped by kamek flying around after money andto be bowser's helper. Sooner kamek desides bowser through him in the dungeon with mario and did not like it not one bit. He causes a magic spell and get's all toad, shyguy and draco lizards to be his servants untill, they meet the koopalings with risen with the crown. Kamek ,mario and luigi asked nicly"can we please destroy bowser" they had to give their servants away but what happened risen back stapped them by getting Morton koopa to throw all three in a lab where they had to make a potion to make him them strongest koopa out of all they need to make 10 potions all they would of got, left in a room each no food,water and anything else they had to there was no other choice behsides being killed. Mean while bowser came to the castle and risen thought he was going to say sorry but, what he said was"losers and he drank a potion that made him invinsible. Risen called the other koopas and they drank the potion mario, luigi and kamek made it worked they had powerful strenghts and other powers. The battle desides if you win they win if you lose start again from scratch

Playable Characters:

Sample: Name: Description: Special move:
Morton Koopa

Morton Koopa is a special charcter like a security guard he likes playing with risen koopa and bashing things up with his fist and staff.

Dark Fear Punch
Wendy Koopa She has a secret crush on larry koopa but he does not know about the secret crush on him. Kiss Splash
Ludwig Koopa Ludwig Koopa hates risen koopa because he is chosen to be leader of the koopaling castle. Terra Bite of Doom
Iggy Koopa Iggy Koopa loves bacon on a peanut butter sandwich, risen koopa gave a whole of 23 sandwiches thats why he became leader[risen koopa] Green Cyclone
Larry Koopa Larry Koopa hates ludwig because how he treats him and he knew he could not be champion because of that so he got iggy, wendy and morton koopa to vote for risen because only of that reason. Blue Lightning
Lemmy Koopa He is so playful and enjoys time with morton koopa, they are a good team working together. Ball Smash
Roy Koopa Roy koopa is a big fat loser he absolutely hates morton he wants to enjoy defeating him while betraying him and throw him in the dungeon, he hates being body guards with him. Pink Slam
Kamek Kamek is a trustworthy servant to bowser untill he betrayed him and through him in the dungeon. Magical Swarm

Unlockable Characters:

Sample: Name: Description: Special Move: How to Unlock:
Risen Koopa He loves having revenge on people that tried and tried to defeat him he also loves being king and wants to over throw bowser and become the strongest thing alive. Spiral Fire Win the game and defeat bowser 5 times
Lavora Koopa She loves bowser for what he does but hates bowser jr for being his favourite koopa out of all of koopas. Golden Hair Defeat 130 goombas and paratroopa
Tim Koopa Like a mini-iggy he loves reading books and casting black magic on mario and luigi. Black Magic Play iggy in storyline
Bowser The king of all koopalings he wants to stay that way by not doing anything and make all his sons and daughters chores while he just eats, drinks. Fire Balls Defeat him 10 times without falling in the lava
Bowser Jr The son of bowser he does not have to do nothing and helps him sort out. Magic Paint Play all Koopalings on story mode
Mario The hero of all stories the main character in all games he comes back and tries to capture all golden stars. Fire Knockout Find him in story mode or defeat bowser
Luigi Basicaly a green tall mario that helps mario on many quests and playable in the game aswell. Vaccum blow Find him in story mode or defeat bowser 3 times
Shy Guy A servant of bowser a little tiki man that like being in the forest stopping mario from going passed to another place. Electric bomber Defeat them 92 times in any mode
Toad Peaches minion that protects her and some times are cevilians to her castle or city. Mushroom Punch Find both Mario and luigi in storyline
Koopa troopa Bowsers trusty servants that he sends to battle and revives them by a secret spell that gives them health for battle. Water Spin Defeat 92 badguys in total of battle mode
Draco Lizards New enemy that has a sly power to go into stuff and get out of stuff for suprize attacks you can't hurt him with any characters behsides yoshi Dragon impact Defeat 500 Draco lizards in Mini-games.

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