This is a list of Minigames in the game Koopalings Epic.

Larry's Tennis Takeover

How to Unlock: Complete Chapter 1.

Description: Larry's attacking Peach's Castle in a special way. Hit the tennis balls into the holes, and send out cannonballs to shoot at the castle, and, occasionally, Mario!

Gameplay: Larry is tasked with hitting tennis balls into various holes leading to cannons to shoot at Peach's Castle. The smaller the holes, the more points obtained by hitting in. The goal is to get as many points as possible.

Battle Mode, Larry fights Mario, who is trying to protect the castle. So, Larry must attack Mario via the cannons. If Mario attacks the cannons enough, they break, and a Game Over is rewarded.

Multiplayer Mode, two players fight on opposite sides (P1 is Larry, and P2 is a chosen Koopaling), where they fight against each other to hit them with the cannons. The player with the least amount of health at the end loses.

Lemmy's Ball Balance

How to Unlock: Free Lemmy in Chapter 2

Description: It's Ball Time! Fight against three CPUs in a balance-off, trying to bounce others into the ball pit. The last balancer standing wins!

Gameplay: Lemmy and three other CPU Koopalings are on balls, and try to bounce each other in the lava pit below. They attempt to bounce using the balls into the lava below. Over time, parts of the arena fall off, leaving less battleground to use. Last man standing wins.

Battle Mode: Lemmy fights Mario, Luigi, and Toad rather than Koopalings. Same rules apply: last man standing wins.

Multiplayer Mode: Same as Normal Mode, but players are fighting eachother rather than Lemmy VS CPUS.

Wendy's Skating Spree

How to Unlock: Free her in Chapter 3

Roy's Music Mash-Up

Iggy's Chompdown

Morton's Painful Pinball

Ludwig's Crash Course

Bowser Jr's Paint-off

Bowser's Boss Blitz

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