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Koopalings Epic is an upcoming Wii U game. This game is somewhat of a crossover between the Mario and Luigi series and the Koopalings. It is set for release in early-2015.


The gameplay of Epic is very different: it is in an RPG-styled game similar to the Mario and Luigi games, but with the Koopalings. Each Koopalings has basic skills, and a Special Move exclusive to one Koopalings.


For the complete plot, see Koopalings Epic/Plot.

One fine day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser was plotting his latest scheme to kidnap Princess Peach, along with the Koopalings and Bowser Jr.. Suddenly, The Elite Trio, known individually as Private Goomp, Sergeant Guy, and Corporal Paraplonk, confront Bowser, yelling that they are going on strike. Paraplonk complains about his wings being cut off, and he thinks it is Bowser (even though it was really Mario stomping on him), and Goomp and Sergeant Guy are sick off the conditions. When Bowser refuses, Goomp, Paraplonk, and Sergeant Guy use a Super Bell, Cape Feather, and Fire Flower respectively. They then proceed to attack the Koopalings and Bowser, trapping Bowser in a cell and blasting the Koopalings to different areas. Now, it's up to Larry Koopa to save his siblings and Bowser, and stop the revolting trio!


Image Name Description Special Move How to Unlock
100px-NSMBU LarryKoopa Larry Koopa The only Koopaling not captured. Larry is a very balanced character, who's not too fast, nor strong. He sets out to free his siblings from the clutches of the Elite Trio. Blue Shell Default
Lemmy Koopa-0 Lemmy Koopa The smallest and fastest Koopaling. Even though he's fast, he couldn't escape capture. He is the fastest Koopaling, and he can jump very high. Ball Balance Free him in The Amazing Circus
150px-WendyNSMBU Wendy Koopa The spoiled Princess of the group. She is also a balanced character, with a small speed boost and a small power decrease. She can use her ice skates in the over world to tread across slippery terrain. Frost Ring Free her in Ice Ice Koopa.
Roy Koopa Roy Koopa Roy is the secondary powerhouse of the game. He is seriously into music, and can usually be found with headphones on. His power allows you to move heavy objects at your will. Bullet Bill Blaster Free him in Singalong at Music Park
150px-IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa The kooky one of the group. He is the third and finally balanced character in the game, and his craziness shows it. His overworld power can activate machines that cant be activated before. Chompy Chariot Free him in The Mighty Jungle
Morton Koopa Jr Solo-0 Morton Koopa Jr. Morton is the strongest in the group, but sadly the stupidest. His power even exceeds Roy's which is saying something. He can move even heavier objects easily, but he's very slow. Ball and Chain Free him in Another Koopa Bites the Dust
150px-LudwigNSMBU Ludwig von Koopa The smart one in the group. He may be big, but he can use a Flutter Jump in the overworld. He has some interesting attacks in battle, too. Blue Lightning Free him in Up To The Sky
250px-Bowserjr Bowser Jr. The heir to the throne and second-in-command. Junior doesn't know what to do without his dad, but he can manage, with the help of his Magic Paintbrush. Goop Shot Free him in Beyond the Galaxy

Secondary Characters

Image Name Role
Bowser DKC-MOTA! Bowser The damsel-in-distress, and the Koopalings' father.
Starlow TTS Starlow Teaches you how to play the game. Same role as Mario and Luigi games.
Hammer bro by yoshigo99-d4duynn Hammari A Hammer Bro that runs the Item Shop.
N/A Koopilia A female Koopa who helps the Koopalings. What is her secret though...?
371px-Princess Rosalina Super Mario Galaxy Rosalina The captain of the Comet Observatory. She was attacked by Darkness, and enlists the help of the Koopalings to find parts of the Observatory to fix it and get it to run to take them to Darkness Castle.


Image Name Description Chapter
346px-MPWii U Goomboss Goomboss Goomboss, the former leader of the Goombas, returns to fight. Goomboss can stomp the found to perform earthquakes, summon Goombas to attack, ram into you, and can fire rockets from his crown. Chapter 1: Infiltrating the Goomba Hideaway
Hisstocrat2 Hisstocrat Hisstocrat has an array of interesting attacks to fight Larry with. He can summon Hisservants to fight alongside him, roar and send rocks flying, breath fire, and ram into you. Chapter 2: The Amazing Circus
Baron Brrr Baron Brrr This frozen king is holding Wendy. He attacks by slamming to the ground, shooting ice balls, summoning Lil Brrs, shooting icy rays, and spinning, creating a snow storm. His crown must be attacked before you can attack him. Chapter 3: Ice Ice Koopa
KingBooSML3D-solo King Boo Chapter 4: Tricks, Treats, and a Mansion
Corporal paraplonk Corporal Paraplonk (powered by Cape Feather, mini boss) Chapter 5: Singalong at Music Park
Motley BossblobMolteyBossblob Motley Bossblob Chapter 5: Singalong at Music Park
Private Goomp MLBIS Private Goomp (powered by Super Bell, mini boss) Chapter 6: The Mighty Jungle
Mario Bros Petey Petey Piranha Chapter 6: The Mighty Jungle
Sergeant guy Sergeant Guy (powered by Fire Flower, mini boss) Chapter 7: Sailing the Kooplantic Sea
Gooper Blooper Gooper Blooper Chapter 7: Sailing the Kooplantic Sea
250px-BoomBoomSM3DLPomPomSM3DL Boom Boom and Pom Pom Chapter 8: Another Koopa Bites the Dust
Lakithunder NSMBS Lakithunder Chapter 9: Up To The Sky
Baron Brrn Baron Brrn Chapter 10: Burn Baby Burn
Rosalina.SSB4 Rosalina and Luma (mini boss) Chapter 11: Beyond the Galaxy
Bouldergeist Bouldergeist Chapter 11: Beyond the Galaxy
Private Goomp MLBISCorporal paraplonk

Sergeant guy

The Elite Trio Final Chapter: The Final Battle
N/A Darkness Final Chapter: The Final Battle
MarioLuigiStarlow-M&amp;LDT Mario and Luigi Post-Game: Hidden Boss

For the enemies, see Koopalings Epic/Enemies


The Koopalings, in battle, have six options: Jump, Shell, Attack, Special, Item, and Run.

  • Jump: The player jumps on the opponent.
  • Shell: The player charges up in his/her shell, and shoots forward.
  • Attack: Uses one of the Attacks. Each Koopaling has a move starting out, a move at level 10, and a move at 20.
  • Special: Uses a Special Attack.
  • Item: Allows use of items.
  • Run: Makes player run away. Not allowed in major fights/boss fights.
Image Name Main Attacks Special Attack Effect
100px-NSMBU LarryKoopa Larry
  • Turquoise Magic: Shoots a blast of magic. Has a chance of making the opponent dizzy.
  • Tennis Racket: Similar to Green Shell in Mario and Luigi.
  • Healing Seed: Plants a seed. If at low health, the seed will grow, and heal Larry.
Blue Shell: Larry takes out a Blue Shell and hurls it up. Guide it through the ten blue rings, and the more rings it goes through, the harder it will hit.

More to come!


See here


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Figurines are small models of characters that can be unlocked or found in certain ways. For all the figurines, see here


  • Several chapter names are based off of songs:
    • Ice Ice Koopa is based off of Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby
    • Another Koopa Bites the Dust is based off of Queen's Another One Bites the Dust
    • Burn Baby Burn refers to the song Disco Inferno
  • In Sailing the Kooplantic Sea, if you look closely at the water near the dock, you can see a small portal. If you swim down using the Scuba Troopa Gear, you will enter a small room with Wario. Talk to him, and he'll realize you've discovered his hideout. He will ask you to not tell anyone about his hideout. Say yes, and he'll reward you with an item called the Garlic Grenade. Say no and he'll knock you out and close the portal.
    • A similar scenario is found in Burn Baby Burn with another hidden portal, but this time it is Waluigi. He will, this time, give you a Poison Bob'omb if you promise not to tell them.

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