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Minigame Name Description Buttons Used (remember, it's a Wii U game) Minigame Type
Bonecoaster Ride Each player has to ride on a Bonecoaster and knock each other into the lava. However, there are also hazards while riding the Bonecoaster that you will have to jump over or duck under. A (Jump), B (Punch), A + A (Kick) Free for All
Wall Brawl Each player has to quickly race to a pair of Ant Trooper Shoes to climb a high wall, but there is one less pair every round. Y/1 (Dash), Circular Pad/Arrows (Move)
Shell Pinball Each player will go into their shell and they will aim to hit many objects. They will get more points every time they hit an object. Once they fall into a hole, they have to wait until the others also fall into a hole. The player who has the most points win. Circular Pad/Arrows (Aim), A (Release)
World Minus The players will play an endless underwater level over and over again, and the player who gets to the "end" the most times after 100 seconds wins. Same controls as New Super Mario Bros. U
Reznor Riot The players will have to fight Reznors in a battle. The first player to beat them all gets first place. Same controls as New Super Mario Bros. U
Opposite Race The players have to race to the end of a track, but last place in the race actually gets first. A (Jump)
Origamemory A video will play showing you how to fold an origami enemy. You will then have to fold it as accurately as you can. The one who folds three enemies the most accurately wins! Stylus/Hand (Fold Paper)
Wind-Up Kars You have to mash the shown buttons as much as you can in 10 seconds, and the further you press the buttons at the beginning, the further your car will move.  The process will continue until someone passes the finish line.

A, B, Y, X - Wind up car

Wave Surfers Everyone is surfing on an endless river, and must knock each other off!  Last one standing WINS! Control Pad - Move
Tanks a Lot! In Tanks a Lot!, you have to shoot down your opponents!  Press the A Button to fire a bob-omb at wherever your crosshairs are.  Press the B Button to raise a shield against a bomb, although you can't fire while doing that.  The team that survives wins!

Control Pad - Move Cannon

A Button - Fire Bob-omb

B Button - Shield Activate (You cannot fire)

Two on Two
Ham Jam You and your teammate need to jam the fridge with as much ham as you can!  Whoever gets a full fridge first wins!

A Button - Pick Up Ham/Stuff it in Fridge

Control Pad - Walk Around

Father and Son One player gets into the Koopa Klown Kar with Bowser, and that player has to shoot the other players as they run!  If the runners escape the castle, they win!  But if they're shot down, the lone guy wins instead!

Lone Guy: Control Pad - Move crosshairs

A Button - Fire fireball


Control Pad - Move

Three Against One
Snowman's Job One player will roll a snowball and try to crush the other players, and the other players have to make it to the finish line and avoid the obstacles. Lone Guy:

A Button - Go faster


A Button - Jump

Mirror Madness One guy hides behind a mirror while the others have to try to smash the mirror that he's in.  If five mirrors are smashed but the guy isn't caught, then they are cursed and they lose.

Control Pad - Move

A Button (Hammer guys) - Swing Hammer

Unfair Duel Three people swing small swords while the lone one swings a much bigger sword!  The guys that remain on the ship deck WIN! A Button - Swing Sword
Blocking Buttons One guy wears a Bowyer costume, and the others have to press the button that's hit by an arrow!  Eight rounds will pass, and if one or more survives the button mashing, they win!  If everyone is hit with arrows (that's what happens if you no press button), you lose. A, B, and X are used for button pressing.
Castle Battle While three Koopalings control a giant Bowser robot, the other controls a giant Mario robot. You have to stop Mario from hitting the button that will shoot the Bowser robot into lava! Mario Robot:

A Button - Jump

B Button - Ground Pound

X/1 Button - Throw fireball

Bowser Robot:

A Button - Jump

B Button - Breathe fire

Seesaw Battle You must place bob-ombs, thwimps, or koopa shells on your seesaw and toss them at your opponent!  Each player has five HP.

Control Pad: Move around

A Button: Pick up item/drop it

B Button: Fire weapon on seesaw

Hammerswing A line of items is coming!  If there's an item you want, don't hit it!  If you want a different item, smash that one away!  Don't get the Mario overalls! A Button: Swing Hammer Item
Treevil's Play Six Treevils walk around.  Burn one with fire to receive its item (avoid the Mario orb)!

Control Pad - Move

B Button - Breathe Fire

Coin Carts You ride a cart inside a mine and you have to collect as many coins in the mine as possible before you reach the end.

Control Pad - Move

A Button - Jump

Wario's Coin Shake Party Wario will hang out at the top of a building and shake coins that will fall down.  Collect as many as you can out of the fifty that drop.

Control Pad - Move

Coincano! A volcano will explode many coins into the air.  Pick up the yellow ones and don't pick up the flaming red ones! Control Pad - Move
Virtual RPG It works like RPG - you get to pick Attack, Defend, or Item.  Whoever survives the match is the winner!

Control Pad - Select Option 

A Button - Choose

A and B can be used for combos.

Item Factory You're at a big factory that produces items!  Five items will come down, and will fall into carts.  Chase the carts and jump inside the one with the prize you want! A Button - Jump
Mario's Big Chance Mario will hit a roulette block that will, instead of spawning an item, spawn an enemy you will have to defeat. He does this 3 times, and then you have to fight Mario himself! A Button - Jump Mario's Minigames
Mario's Spike Ball Toss You have to climb up a slanted platform while Mario throws Spike Balls at you. He will do this three times, and then you will have to fight him. A Button - Jump
Mario's Item Roulette Mario will hit a Roulette Block, spawning an item. He will pick up the items and you will have to fight him as he uses them. He does this three times. A Button - Jump, Y Button - Shoot Fire from Wand
Mario's Tower Battle There are 25 floors on the tower. On each floor, Mario will do something from a previous Mario minigame. A Button - Jump, Y Button - Shoot Fire from Wand'(only during Mario's Item Roulette)
Mario's Epic Finale Battle You will first fight Mario in Mario's Tower Battle, and at the top floor, which will be Mario's Item Roulette, he will gain a Mega Mushroom. The first time, he will try to punch you. You will have to get on his arm and jump on his head. He will then destroy the tower, and throw three random enemies at you. After you defeat them, you have to jump on Mario's foot. He will then chase you, and you have to hit the red button at the end and make him fall into a warp pipe back into the Mushroom Kingdom. A Button - Jump, Y Button - Shoot Fire from Wand (only during Mario's Item Roulette)
Mario's Minigame Marathon Mario will hit a roulette block that will take you to a different minigame every time, but Mario will also be attacking you with powers from a previous Mario minigame. This is endless, and is only unlocked after you complete every board and complete Mario's Epic Finale Battle with every Koopaling. Minigame Controls
Mario's Fiery Vengeance Battle This game is exactly the same as Mario's Epic Finale Battle, except in every room, Mario is in his Fire Mario form and Mario's Item Roulette is taken out. In the addition to this, Mario will throw fireballs at you during the Minigames. However, after he turns giant, he will stay in his fire form. Instead of punching, he will shoot fireballs at you. There will be a roulette block that will take you to a different minigame each time you hit it, but Mario will throw fireballs at you the entire time. Once you get to the Seesaw Battle minigame, you have to launch a fireball back at Mario. Mario will then burn the tower, and he will chase you, shooting fireballs at you. You will once again have to stomp on his foot. After that, he will chase you like at the end of of the Epic Finale minigame, but he will now shoot fireballs. It is unlocked after completing ten Minigames in Mario's Minigame Marathon with all Koopalings. A Button - Jump (out of Minigames)

Minigame Controls - ??? (In Minigames)

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