The Koopalings are the seemingly-adopted sons of Bowser; they are Koopas with spiny shells, much like him and his legitimate son, but their color schemes would imply a different family line.



Lemmy is rather goofy in appearance, with an orange shell, spiky rainbow hair, and disoriented eyes. Wendy is larger, with pink claws and shell, as well as lipstick and a polka-dot bow atop her head. Morton is much larger and has darker scales, though his head is white, with a dark star over his eye, and his shell gray. Larry is smaller, with a basic blue shell and hair, as well as large fangs. Iggy is taller than any other, and has a lime green shell as well as plume-like hair and goggle-like eyes. Ludwig is about the size of Wendy, with but a single fan with dark blue shell and fluffy hair. Finally is Roy, who has a pink shell and general head color, as well as magenta sunglasss. Each one also wears spiky braces, much like those of Bowser, on their arms.


Little is known about their history, but they have been known to assist Bowser in the kidnapping of Peach many times and often guard the castles in each of the worlds leading up to the final.

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