Koopalings' pets are the pets of Koopalings. Each Koopaling have 8 pets. The total are 112 koopalings (14 koopalings with 8 pets)

Lavora's Pets

Image Pet Name Description
Dayzilla A Crazee Dayzee with cyan petals
Pink YoshiSMWWii
Yojeanie A pink Yoshi. She is 3 years old. Lavora rides her
Karly A pink boomerang sister. She likes to be a top model
Venus Thunder Trap

A venus thunder trap. She is 5 feet (1,80 m)

Peach II A Pink Shroob with a blond hair. She likes listening MP3 Music.
Acantho A 365 millions-years-old Acanthostega. She is a pink Achantostega losted in time. She is survived the period of extiction of Dinosaurs. The other members of her groups are extinct. She likes Lavora
Bullet Bill
Bilki The only male Lavora's pet. He is a 6-years-old Bullet Bill and he likes swim
Shirley A 10-years-old Stork. She helps Lavora to kidnaps the babies

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