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Koopaling Quest is a upcoming auto scrolling game for the Wii U and will be released January 18.

Starter Character:

Unlockable Characters:

Unlocking Criteria:

Morton Koopa Jr: Race 600 times

Wendy O. Koopa: Defeat Mario once

Iggy Koopa: Unlock the Koopa Rocket item

Roy Koopa: Collect 200 Koopa Tokens

Lemmy Koopa: Collect 6 Puzzle Pieces

Ludwig Von Koopa: Complete the game 100%



Mini Bosses:


One day, the Koopalings are attacking Toad Town while Bowser is battling the Mario bros. At Peach's Castle, the Toads are launching a Bullet Bill which crashes into the Koopaling's Airship. The airship then goes crashing down.

They wake up back at the castle and find out that their dad has been captured. Lemmy starts to cry along with his younger siblings. Ludwig looks out of the window at the Mushroom Kingdom. Ludwig then tells his siblings that they have to go rescue their dad. The others agree and they set off to rescue Bowser.

The Koopalings defeat Mega Mario and rescue their dad. Bowser Jr and Kamek arrive on a airship and the Koopalings band Bowser board it. The Koopalings then reunite with their father and fly back to Dark Land to celebrate.


Dark Land:

1-1: The Craziness Begins

1-2: Crystal Covered Cave

1-3: Clown Car Trouble

1-4: Toad Bash

1-5: Silhouette Seas

1-Castle: Mario's Stomping Castle

Dangerous Desert:

2-1: Cheese Way

2-2: Koopa Shell Factory

2-3: Piranha Plant Revenge

2-4: Bubbly Badly

2-5: Sandstones Can Roll

2-Castle: Rosalina's Galactic Castle

Koopa Resort:

3-1: Koopa Water Park

3-2: Sushi Infested Waters

3-3: Underwater Base

3-4: Bubble Cove

3-5: Blub Blub Beach

3-Castle: Luigi's Fishy Castle

Evergreen Wonderland:

4-1: Snowy Fields

4-2: Cozy Cabin

4-3: Mt. Slide

4-4: Frosty Wheel

4-5: Christmas Tree Forest

4-Castle: Donkey Kong's Swinging Castle

Sugarplum Town:

5-1: Sweets Park

5-2: Cake Way

5-3: Toy Tracks

5-4: Melody Town

5-5: Cocoa Station

5-Castle: Peach's Sweet Castle

Intergalactic Headquarters

6-1: Moon Base

6-2: Tube Town

6-3: Mysterious UFO

6-4: Constellation Way

6-5: Mecha Toad Return

6-Castle: Metal Mario's Shooting Star Castle

Cloud Kingdom:

7-1: Waluigi's Ferriswheel

7-2: Para Beetle Skies

7-3: Miniboss Showdown!

7-4: Mushroom Run

7-5: Clown Car Finale

7-Castle: Wario's Greedy Castle

Mushroom Kingdom:

8-1: Fountain Gardens

8-2: Big Bean Vine

8-3: Mole Hole

8-4: The Bridge

8-5: Peach's Castle

8-Castle: Mega Mario's Final Battle

Sprites: Click this (Koopaling Quest/ Sprites) to see the sprites

Gallery: Click this (Koopaling Quest/ Gallery) to see the gallery

Beta Elements: Click this (Koopaling Quest/ Beta Elements) to see the Beta Elements

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