Koopaling Castle is an animated TV sitcom created by Vonn as a product of the Koopompany, the show airs on The Koopa Channel, the Koopompany's main broadcast station. The show revolves around the seven Koopalings and stories that happen in their life. The series was created to flesh out the Koopalings personalities and give them greater relationships.

The show began development in late 2014 under the title Tales of the Koopalings and underwent many title changes, until finally ending up being called Koopaling Castle.


Bowser and the Koopalings move from their castle in the Bad Lands to a much more cheerful one in the grassy plains of the Mushroom Kingdom. The Koopalings aren't happy about moving however Bowser wants to get a place closer to Peach's Castle so kidnapping Peach doesn't take as long.

At their new castle, the Koopalings continue on with their daily lifes, getting into problems and partaking in activities.



Picture Name Description
100px-NSMBU LarryKoopa Larry Koopa Larry can never sit still, he's always itching to run around and is a bound of energy. He tends to cheat in whatever he does if it means he will get a reward or be better than anyone. He's most happiest when he's playing sport.
150px-MortonNSMBU Morton Koopa Jr. Morton is one of the largest Koopalings just on the same scale as Roy. He seems to never stop talking and is often called "Big Mouth". He usually is grumpy and complaining when he talks.
150px-WendyNSMBU Wendy O. Koopa Being the only female of the Koopa family, Wendy often feels like an outsider in the group, but she doesn't let that bring her down as she is outgoing and quite a tomboy. Unforunately for everyone else, she has a short temper and will go into a rage over little things.
150px-IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa Iggy is a bit crazy in the head, he'll do absoloutely anything and the other Koopalings often see him as a time bomb ready to go off at any second. Iggy is a marvelous inventor due to his crazyness and comes up with weird and wonderful contraptions out of anything.
150px-RoyNSMBU Roy Koopa

Roy is the one of the biggest Koopalings just on the same scale as Morton. He thinks more about brains than brawn, preferring to think with his fists instead of his head. He often bullies around the other Koopalings.

313px-Lemmy Koopa NSMBU Lemmy Koopa Lemmy acts like a small, fun-loving child. He tends to be silly and muck around, although some of the times everyone thinks he's being serious because he isn't very smart.
150px-LudwigNSMBU Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig is the oldest of the Koopalings and is the wisest. He is highly intelligent and seems to get along well with Iggy because they can talk about the science behind his contraptions. Ludwig often is the cruelist of the Koopalings.


Picture Name Description
Ultimate smashers characters bowser by starmasterjohn-d5o6lrx  Bowser  The papa to all the Koopalings, Bowser should be watching over these crazy kids but instead is usually off trying to formulate evil plans. Sometimes he actually is looking after the kids and sometimes he just wants them to help.


Season 1

No. in series No. in season Name Description Original air date
1 1 Pilot Bowser has decided that they have to move from their current home into one more suited for his evil plan, but the Koopalings are not happy about moving house. 2015
2 2 Dinner with the Koopalings It's time for dinner and it seems the Koopalings can't get along around the dinner table... 2015


  • The show underwent many name changes such as Tales of the Koopalings, Koopaling and A Koopaling Tale.
  • The color of the dots in the Koopaling Castle logo represent each of the different colors of the Koopalings. However their is an extra red dot at the end, presumed to represent Bowser.

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