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Koopacreep is a sort of villain in the Fantendoverse. He is a purple and "foreign" Koopa Troopa. Many believe he has relations to Bowser Jr., Bowser, the Koopalings, and all other Koopa Troopas. This, however, is completely not true. He was born from a totally different Koopa family. All the other Koopas in Koopacreep's family are each different colors: red, green, purple, yellow, blue, orange, and brown. Koopacreep is one of the purple Koopas, as you can see.

Koopacreep is the main character in his own series called the Creepy Koopa Series. Although he has an evil spirit, some don't understand why he goes on adventures in his games to stop people from doing bad things.


Koopacreep is said to be just as evil as Bowser Jr. But most gamers cannot figure out why he acts like a sort of "hero" in the Creepy Koopa series. Other than that, Koopacreep is one of the most naughty and villainous characters in the Fantendo universe. Using his paintbrush wand (which was given to him by his father), he can play tricks on bypassing people. He also uses his flying carriage (also given to him by his father) to do his naughty stuff.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Rumble

Before the Creepy Koopa series came out with its first game, Koopacreep made his Fantendo debut in Fantendo Smash Bros. (series). Some believe this is very odd. However, after the Creepy Koopa series came out with its first game, the series became more popular than Fantendo expected.

Creepy Koopa Series

Koopacreep is the main character in his own series, called the Creepy Koopa Series. Its first game was The Story of the Creepiest Koopa of All. In this game, a terrible villain called Creep-ta-Ee (with his sidekick and daughter, Scary Mary) terrorizes Koopacreep's village. They are able to get away from the small town before the Central City authorities come. Now it's up to Koopacreep to catch the evil duo and defeat them.


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