Koopa and Psyduck: The Epic Journey is an upcoming game on the Nintendo Wii. Originally Vined Inc. was working on it until Twenty-Second Choice took it over. They quitted however, and Phoniex Circle took over.


A lone Psyduck is thrust into the Mushroom Kingdom where he finds a Koopa Troopa (a good one). The Koopa agrees to help Psyduck find his way home. Meanwhile, Bowser hears of various Pokemon appearing around the Mushroom Kingdom and decides to capture them to create another evil army.

Confirmed Characters







The stages in this game can be played in three different ways: through Psyduck's eyes, through Koopa's eyes or the duo together. Whgen played through Psyduck's eyes, you control Psyduck while Koopa acts by AI, and vice versa for through Koopa's eyes. For the duo together, you can select which one you want to play as from the Partner Select screen.

Red World - Through Psyduck's Eyes

  • 1-1: Psyduck's Arrival
    • Psyduck is being taught by Golduck how to play the game, but is suddenly sent to the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • 1-2: Meet Koopa
    • Psyduck meets Koopa Troopa, and the two agree to try solving the problem
  • 1-3: Across the Lands
    • The two travel across the Mushroom Kingdom, fighting various foes
  • 1-B: Electabuzz, Go!
    • Electabuzz challenges you to a fight

Blue World - Through Koopa's Eyes

  • Koopa is taught how to use parnters.

Green World - The Duo Together

  • Boss Fight: Big Boo

Yellow World

  • The first mario level ever, but much more longer, and touger enemies.

Gold World

  • Coming soon

Silver World

  • Coming soon

Crystal World

  • Coming soon

Ruby World

  • Coming soon

Sapphire World

  • Coming soon

Fire Red World

  • Coming soon

Leaf Green World

  • Coming soon

Emerald World

  • Coming soon

Diamond World

  • Coming soon

Pearl World

  • Coming soon

Platinum World

  • Coming soon

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