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Koopa Troopa exists, and it can be found in real encyclopedias. You may read more about it here:
Koopa Troopa
Green Koopa New
A common bipedal Koopa Troopa.
Species Origin Tortoise
Rarity Common
Alignment Good or Bad
Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop
Mushroom Kingdom
Hammer Bro.
Dry Bones
Copter Koopa
Spiny Koopa
Beach Koopa
Bombshell Koopa
Cape Koopa
Dark Koopa Troopa‹br›
Notable Members
Koopa the Quick
Sam The Koopa
Koopa Troopa is a common enemy in the Super Mario series that resembles a turtle. It walks around on its two feet and if tapped twice on its shell, Koopa Troopa will spin around trying to home into the nearest person. They originally walked on four feet which is rarely seen these days. Usually, a Koopa Troopa has a green shell, but there are also red and blue variants as well as Dry Bones, a skeleton Koopa Troopa. Their Koopa Shell can be used as items.
8bitKoopa WB


Koopa Troopas were native species to the land of the Mushroom Kingdom. They lived in many tribes. They hunted and gathered. Then in the 1800s Toad (species) settlers came from the U.C empire to escape the reign of King Ribbit VI. The eastern land was settled and many were kicked out of their homes and were forced to move west. Then in the year 1967 King Wart III made a proclamation that banned western settlement. The Koopa's were happy that the settlers weren't allowed to settle beyond a certain point. Things changed in 1976 when the Toads declared independence from the Frogs. After The Mushroom Revolutionary War ended in 1981 the toads who were now free from U.C started to settle in western lands. Forests were getting chopped down and new towns and cities were being built. In 2005 many Koopa's had enough and joined forces with either King Koopa (Super Mario Bros. Super Show!) or Bowser. Then they rebelled against the government many times and kidnapped Peach. Finally in 2006 King Toadstool got fed up and banished Bowser, the Koopa Troop, King Koopa, and the Koopa Pack to a volcanic world. Then they formed two kingdoms DarkLand 1 ruled by King Bowser and Dark Land 2 ruled by King Koopa. They were allies and tried to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom many times. The two lands merged in 2012 when King Koopa died.

Game Appearances


Koopas serve as Bowser's main units in battle and as guards. The majority of Koopas guard territories claimed by their king Bowser over the course of the ages. They usually partake in siege on cities and during this, they plunder the cities' technology and riches for their own uses. The Koopa forces were also involved in the Battle for Devotee City, where the Koopas wiped out the Devotee guard toads and overthrew the Toadstool monarchy.


  • Koopa Recruit - Recently recruited Koopas whom are beginning training, to be promoted to a Koopa Trooper, the recruit must undergo a training course in order to get promoted and accepted into the Koopa Troop.
  • Koopa Trooper - The first proper rank for Koopas who are in the Koopa Troop. These Koopas have basic combat ability, armed with a Musket and a knife. These are the backbone of the Koopa Troop forces which are involved in basic raids and defense.
  • Koopa Marauder - These Koopas are more heavily armed, equipped with the Bullet Bill launchers and muskets as their lower ranked comrades are. These Koopas are experts in siege and missions and their bullet bill launchers can take down armored units with ease.
  • Koopa Dreadnought - Koopa Dreadnoughts are given a rare drug which expands their muscle and bone structure, making them larger and more potent than regular Koopas. These Koopas have spikes equipped on their backs and carry a Banzai Bill launcher and are the most potent experts in siege. The drug only works on certain Koopas and those who cannot ingest the drug are promoted to Koopatrols.


Koopa Troopa appears as one of ten subs in Mario Rugby League. He has all balanced stats and has no special skills at all. He is only used when a player on the Bowser Villains team is injured.

Super Mario MHL

Koopa Troopa along with Paratroopa and Dry Bones are playable in Super Mario MHL. Koopa Troopa's shell also appears as an item.

Mario & Kirby Baseball

He appears in this game on Bowser Jr's team. Ironically for a turtle, he has fast running, but weak pitching and batting powers. Red and Blue Koopas also appear, but their stats remain relatively the same.

Super Kooped Bros.

He appears in Super Kooped Bros. as a basic enemy. Kooped also appears in this game, and he is a koopa.

Super Mario Bros. series.

Super Mario Bros. 7

Koopa Troopas appear yet again in Super Mario Bros. 7. This time, the Koopas shells come in stripes and rainbows. They can also drive Karts and planes.

Super Sloppy Bros.

Sloppy Koopa Troopas appear as common enemies throughout the entire Super Sloppy Bros. game.

Koopa Kart Series

Koopa Troopa is the mascot of the Koopa Kart Series, making an appearance as a default mid weight driver in each game. He will most likely appear in every game.

Mario Kart 8 Wii U

Koopa Troopa appears as a playable character in Mario Kart 8 Wii U. His special move is Seven Green Shells.
Speed: 1.5
Acceleration: 3.5
Drift: 3.25
Handling: 3.75
Off-Road: 3

Behind the Wheel

Koopa appears as a default playable character in the racing game Bowser's Castle Racing.


  • Weight: 25%
  • Driving Skill: 68%
  • Item Power: 50%
  • Speed: 64%

Game's Description

A soldier of the Koopa Troop, sick of being always defeated by the Mario brothers, so decides to get behind the wheel and is ready to see who is the fastest koopa.

Mario Kart Wii 2.0

Koopa Troopa appears as a playable character in Mario Kart Wii 2.0.

Mario Party XD Seven U

koopa troopa is user character for game coming soon.

Super Mario GameBox Demo

In the game, Koopa Troopas are common, appearing in all levels. They must be stomped twice, once to push them into their shells and the second time to kick their shell. A Koopa boss named Koopa Servant who is fought in Bowser Castle.


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