Tanks, Please is the first episode of the first season of Koopa Troop.


Theme song.

In the Mushroom Kingdom, land of hope to the little creatures known as Toads, ruled by the young princess, Peach and her wise mentor Toadsworth. But on the other side, a evil creature known as Bowser wants to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, but every time, a hero is there to save the Kingdom.

Bowser: Do you know what? I give up. There is no way to enter that castle. I tried airships, tanks, even magic! I had to use magic! And it didn't worked at all! Ugh. ONLY if there was a way to conquer that kingdom...
Koopa Troopa: Lord Bowser?
Bowser: What?
Koopa Troopa: There is a Magikoopa on the door saying that you invited her.
Bowser: Oh, it must be Kamek's replacement. Let her into this castle.
Koopa Troopa: Affirmatively.
Bowser: I hope that Kamek's replacement is better than Kamek, Kamek's plans always went wrong. Oh well, it least I got invited to the kart racing this year.
???: Lord Bowser.
Bowser: Hello there. What is your name?
Kamet: My name is Kamet. I'm Kamek's daughter and your new mentor.
Bowser: Oh. I didn't even knew that Kamek had a daughter.
Kamet: Did you said something Lord?
Bowser: Oh, no, I didn't said anything...
Kamet: So what are our next plan? Invade the Mushroom Kingdom using the airships to bombard the castle? Kidnap Mario and Luigi so there is nobody that can stop us? Oh, oh even better! We can send a disguised Toad to the castle who would kidnap the Princess!
Bowser: I had tried all of those plans. None of them worked.
Kamet: What you haven't tried yet?
Bowser: Give up.
Kamet: My father was right when he said that you were king of drama.
Bowser: I have tried everything. Nothing worked.
Kamet: You seriously need better mooks.
Bowser: Hey!
Kamet: Seriously look at those guys! They are mindless, they don't know any type of combat and they are easily defeated by the mustache guys.
Bowser: At least they look threating.
Kamet: Please tell me that you aren't talking serious right now.

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