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A green Koopa Shell.

Koopa Shells are the turtle shells worn by Koopa Troopas. They are known of their colored carapace with hexagon-shaped scales, beige-yellow plastron with stripes and the white rounding. They can be used as weapon and have special effects depending on the color. They are precious items for Koopas. A Shell-less Koopa is also known as a Beach Koopa. In New Super Mario Bros. 2 if you were to touch a gold ring a Koopa Shell would become a Gold Koopa Shell.

List of different Koopa Shells

  • Green Shell - It just bounces off and off. Nothing special.
  • Red Shell - Famous because of a special homing effect.
  • Blue Shell - This item can be used as a Power-Up for Mario.
  • Paratroopa Shell - Like the Blue Shell, it can be used as a Power-Up for Mario.
  • King Koopa Shell- Causes more damage than a regular shell.
  • Ice Shell - Anyone who touches this will leave it frozen...
  • Gold Shell - Can hit three players before breaking in Mario Kart.
  • Silver Shell - Can hit all the rivals that are ahead of than the user in Mario Kart.
  • Yellow Shell - It's so heavy... it will hurt a lot!
  • Orange Shell - No shell is as fast as this one!
  • Limegreen Shell - Victims can never escape this hopping, avoiding and jumping shell (until it's stomped)!
  • Spring Shell - This Shell can make jumps with a spring.
  • Black Shell - Explosive when come into contact with rival racers in Mario Kart.
  • Spiny Shell - Originally of Spinies. Could hit hard!
  • Lakitu Shell - Originally of Lakitus. It's said to hold a lot of Spiny Eggs.
  • Magma Shell - Similar to the Blue Shell in that it can be used as a power-up, but a trail of flames follows him if he dashes. He can also swim in lava.
  • Buzzy Beetle Shell - Originally of Buzzy Beetles. A very big shell for a mysterious character.
    • Navy Buzzy Beetle Shell - Said to be Fire-proof.
    • Crimson Buzzy Beetle Shell - Said to be Ice-proof.
  • Hammer Bro. Shell - Said to have a stock on Hammers.
    • Boomerang Bro. Shell - Said to have a stock on boomerangs.
    • Fire Bro. Shell - Said to have a stock on fireballs.
    • Ice Bro. Shell - Said to have a stock on ice balls.


Super Smash Bros. Dark Forces

A wide variety of Koopa Shells will appear in this game as a category of items.


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