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Koopa Kove is the eighth and final world of Extreme Mario World. It has volcanoes, crystals, dead trees, and lava pools. Bowser Jr. and Bowser are the bosses here.


  • 8-1: Meteor Mountain
  • 8-2: Cannonball Frontier
  • 8-3: Cavern Eruption
  • 8-4: Scuttlebug's Haunted Forest
  • 8-F: Flaming Fortress
  • 8-5: Blargg's Lava Wave Moat
  • 8-6: Bonecoaster Volcano
  • 8-7: Sledge Bro. Wasteland
  • 8-C: Bowser Jr's Switchback Castle
  • 8-8: Chavargh Factory
  • 8-9: The Final Frontier
  • 8-BC: Bowser's Annihilator Palace

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