Koopa Kid Kaos is a 3D strategy game made by Koopompany.


In this game you choose one of the Koopalings or Bowser Jr., then you are sent to a 3D battlefield where you must lead an army of 14 minions, who are all classic Mario enemies, you can give them orders via "Commands", which are special orders you can give to a group or specific individuals, like healing up others, taking cover, attacking a specific target, etc...

In each mission there are "Bowser Jr's Toys" which are collectibles scattered across the levels.

Before each mission you can choose which enemies you want in your 14-minion army, you can choose from many enemies each one with different stats.

The Koopalings have their own meelee attacks and magic attacks in their arsenal, when they start a battle they start in their respectiva clown cars, which help them travel through the battlefield howveer it weakens their meelee attacks and doesn't let them use magic.

The game also includes a VS Mode gainst other players.


The Koopalings are playing around and doing their usual stuff when they're called to eat dinner, however after a while they start fighting for the last slice of pizza, Bowser goes to his room to rest while the children fight and in the end they decide to roll a dice for it, however when they go to Bowser Jr.'s room they find that all of the toys have been stolen by a dark cloud who has brainwashed some of Bowser's minions, when they chase after him they realize he also kidnapped his father while he was sleeping (and he's still sleeping even in his capture), Bowser Jr. tries shooting the dark cloud with his staff but only amanges to make a hole in the bag wit htoys, making them fall and scatter across the land, angered, the Koopalings decide to prepare an army with the left over minions and go chase after the cloud to save their dad!

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