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Koopa Kid did not originate from fanon, and more information can be found on their respective wiki(s). You may read more about it on the following wiki(s):

Koopa Kids/Mini Bowsers
A Koopa Kid, or Mini Bowser.
Species Origin Koopa
Koopa Troop

Koopa Kids (also known as Baby Bowsers, or in European countries Mini Bowsers, not to be confused with Baby Bowser) are minions of Bowser. Just like with Yoshi and Toad, there is one character, with a species of look-alikes. They are similar in appearance to both Baby Bowser and Bowser Jr.

In Super Mario Legends, it was revealed that Kamek used Bowser's DNA to create the Koopa Kids, so in a sense they are his sons. However, this concept hasn't been touched upon since, and some games downright remove this happening altogether. It is unknown if Koopa Kid will appear in MPI.

Diaper Duty Series

544px-Mparty6 koopa kid

Another Koopa Kid.

Koopa Kid Gets Mad

Koopa Kid makes his Diaper Duty debut in Diaper Duty 5: Koopa Kid Gets Mad where he is Baby Bowser's cousin and has been used as a scapegoat to fool the Star Children. Koopa Kid as a figurehead tries to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. He is however defeated by the Star Children. It is revealed that Kammy Koopa is his nursemaid like Kamek is for Baby Bowser.

Nega Star Children

Koopa Kid returns in Diaper Duty 7: The Nega Star Children where his cousin Baby Bowser has managed to steal the star power and he is one of the ones he gives it to. Koopa Kid becomes one of the Nega Star Children only to be defeated by the unpowered Star Children.

Koopa Kid's Revenge

Koopa Kid returns in the final Diaper Duty game Diaper Duty 10: Koopa Kid's Revenge here he has put together a team of villains with Kammy Koopa, Kamella and Petey Piranha and is trying to take over the Mushroom World and destroy his cousin Baby Bowser. He has his magikoopa friends create a new power called the Ztar power which is stronger than the star power however he is still defeated and his Ztar power turns into an eighth star power.

Behind the Wheel

Koopa Kid appears as unlockable playable character in the racing game Bowser's Castle Racing.


  • Weight: 40%
  • Driving Skill: 40%
  • Item Power: 40%
  • Speed: 40%

Game's Description

The Koopa Kid, are the grandchildren of Bowser, they're ready for win and destroy everything with their Ladybug-Machines.

Back on the Partyboard!

Koopa Kid returns in the game Mario Party RX, under the name Koopa Kidd. After a long while not appearing in the Mario Party series, he playable again, but first need to be unlocked.

Lets-a-go, Mario

Koopa Kids make their first platformer appearance in Lets-a-go, Mario as regular enemies. Normally, they will just act like Bowser did in Super Mario Bros. except with a lot more speed and without hammers. Also, they can be stomped. However, sometimes, a Koopa Kid will split into three when the player gets near, with one red, one blue, and one green. The red one will chase the player relentlessly, the green one will stand still and breathe fire, and the blue one will jump around aimlessly.

As in Mario Party Advance, there can be 99 of them on the screen at once.

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