Lemmykoopa24, Koopa Kastle Productions' slogan

Koopa Kastle Productions is a fan-game company founded by Lemmykoopa24. It is a company that makes Mario Games, but they usually star villains and enemies as the main characters, Although sometimes they make new characters and make a game about them. The games occasionally star Mario. Lemmykoopa24 is the mascot of Koopa Kastle Productions. However, they do not always make Mario games, they also make Kirby games and others. The main genres Koopa Kastle Productions revolve around are Platformers, War Games and RPG's.


  • Super Mario Beta
  • Koopa Troop Wars
  • Mario Kingdom Wars
  • Lemmykoopa24: A Hero's Journey
  • Lemmykoopa24's India Palooza
  • Shy Guy's Unite (with BoulderGames, inc., Jet, inc and Bomb Productions Games.)
  • Super Bowser Bros. (adopted along with Outer Inc.)
  • Team Koopa (with Outer Inc. and Vacuum Inc.)

(more to come)


Member Job/Role
Lemmykoopa24 President
Uil Team Vice-President
Story Writer
Element Creator
MaxMones501 (tbc) Boxart Maker


  • President, Vice-President: May edit any game in any way.
  • Story Writer: Writes the story for the game.
  • Element Creator: Makes idea's for the game
  • Boxart Maker: Makes a boxart for the game.

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