Koopa Kart Galaxy
Developer(s) Fingerface Co.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan July 31, 2011
25px-Flag of USA August 6, 2011
25px-Flag of Europe August 14, 2011
25px-Flag of Australia Holiday 2011
1 Player

1-8 Player (Wi-Fi)

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Nintendo Wii Disk

Koopa Kart Galaxy is the fifth installment of the Koopa Kart Series, and was released for the Nintendo Wii. It features new enemies from the Super Mario Galaxy Series as well as the Super Mario Series.

Confirmed Characters






Racing Courses

Mushroom Cup

  • Gateway Raceway: A small course around the Gateway Galaxy. No enemies or real complications around this simple course. Star Bunnies can be seen in the background.
  • Sky Station Circuit: A medium sized course set up around the Sky Station Galaxy. There are no hazards, except for falling off.
  • Good Egg Speed Race: A medium sized race set up around the Good Egg Galaxy. Other than falling and boulders, there are no major threats in this galaxy.
  • Yoshi's Star Circuit: A large course set up in the Yoshi Star Galaxy. The course starts out on the starting planet, eventually going into the Volcano. Once it reaches the end, a canon blasts the drivers out of the volcano.

Flower Cup

  • Ghostly Galaxy Valley: A medium course set up in the Ghostly Galaxy. You start on the starting planet, and eventually get blasted into the Mansion Planet. When you get out, you are at Bouldergeist's Planet, where Bouldergeist tries to smash you. Once out of there, you are back at the starting line.
  • Hightail Falls Freeway: A large course that involves racing up the walls that Yoshi could run on with the Dash Pepper.
  • Beach Bowl Beach: A track built in the Beach Bowl Galaxy that involves racing underwater. Bloopers, Gringills, and Cheep-Cheeps can be seen in the water.
  • Fluffy Bluff Freeway: A freeway built in the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy. The player starts on the starting planet, and eventually travel ontop of a road made out of clouds.

Star Cup (As A Retro Cup)

GCN Warluigi Stadum

GCN DK Moution SNES Rainbow Road Wii Dasiy Circut

Special Cup





  • Digga (acts the same as the Spiny Shell, except it touches the ground, and blows up if it hits a driver before it reaches the one in first place)


Character Speed Weight Mini-Turbo Off-Road
Octoomba 1 - 1 1
Twirlip 3 - 2 -
Crabber - - - 4
Jack O' Goomba 1 1 - -
Flipbug 2 - 2 -
Koopa Troopa 2 - - 2
Dry Bones - - - 3
Magikoopa - 2 2 -
Rocky Wrench - 2 - 2
Cosmic Clone 3 - - 3
Prickly Piranha Plant - 4 - 2
Wiggler 3 - 3 -
Mandibug 4 1 3 -
Undergrunt 3 3 - 5
Whimp - 2 - 2

New Features

Besides new enemies, Koopa Kart Galaxy has new features, such as air gliders and propellers, as well as customizable karts, similar to the features introduced in the upcoming Mario Kart game for the Nintendo 3DS.

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