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Koopa Kart: Double Dash!!
Developer(s) Fingerface Co.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan June 18, 2014
25px-Flag of USA June 19, 2014
25px-Flag of Europe June 20, 2014
1-4 Player

1-8 (Wifi)

Age Rating(s)
Media Included Wii U Disk
Download from Nintendo eShop

Koopa Kart: Double Dash!! is the sixth installment of the Koopa Kart Series. It was recently released only for the Wii U. It features teams; & Special Items.



Default Partners Weights Description Special Item
Koopa Troopa & Koopa Paratroopa Medium & Medium What would Koopa Kart be without Koopa & Paratroopa?
Seven Green Shells
You get seven Green Shells to wreck havoc on the track!
Dry Bones & Dry Parabones Medium & Medium The dry versions of Koopa & Paratroopa are in the race.
Dry Shell
A Dry Shell goes around the track making that character dry & slow.
Lakitu & Spiny Heavy & Light The heavyweight Lakitu is back with his light friend, Spiny.
Cloud 9
The racer in front of them gets set up into the clouds, slowing them down.
Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro. Heavy & Heavy The two Bros. that switched from Koopa Kart are finally in a game together.
Boomerang Flower
The two Bros. get a Boomerang Flower that sends Boomerangs and has 3 uses.
Goomba & Galoomba Light & Light The Goombas of Super Mario Bros. & Super Mario World are in a kart racing in Koopa Kart.
Goomba Shoe
A Goomba Shoe goes around the track destroying everything in it's path
Thwomp & Whomp Heavy & Heavy The cousins are coming; to the race track! Thwomp was racing & Whomp was racing both in Super Koopa Kart, and are back!
A Thwomp goes where the item was used and stays for the rest of the race.
Kamek & Kamella Medium & Medium The two Maqikoopas are in the race again.
Kamek's Magic Wand
Kamek does something wild with his stick.
Boo & Piranha Plant Light & Heavy The racers in Pipes race again.
A Piranha Plant attaches to the kart and bites everyone in it's path.


Default Partners Weights Description Special Item
Wiggler & Flutter Heavy & Heavy The two caterpillers race in Koopa Kart.
Flower Power
Flowers roam the track, slowing racers down
Shy Guy & Nabbit Light & Light The Nabbing Rabbit is racing with Shy Guy in Koopa Kart.
Nabbing Items
Shy Guy or Nabbit will nab and item from a random racer.
King Boo & Petey Piranha Heavy & Heavy Boo & Piranha Plant are in the game, why not add their rulers?
Polterguist 4000
The kart gets E. Gadd's Polterguist which sucks up other racers.
Bowser & Dry Bowser Heavy & Heavy Bowser is a Koopa. Why wait so long for them to be raceable?
Bowser Shell
Acts the same way as the Bowser Shell did in MKDD.
Mario & Luigi Medium & Meduim I know it's Koopa Kart not Mario Kart but why not have them for a change?
Fire Flower
Gives you Fire powers for 10 seconds.



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