Koopa Girl
Koopa Girl
Koopa Girl
Species Origin Koopa
Rarity Semi-Common
Alignment Bad
Notable Members
Koopa Troop

The Koopa Girl is a character fanon in Mario fanon games, It is a Koopa only girl, his first appearance was in Maria & Luise Adventures of 2002 Game Boy Advance, it is a boss in the games, she also appears in other games eg Mario Tennis DS, She has several pink parts,it is a dlc in some games.


Maria & Luise Adventures (2002)

She is a boss in the game.

Maria & Luise Adventures 2 : Saves Day (2005)

New Super Mario Bros. Special

from new video game Nintendo GameCube Special.

Mario Super Slam. Special

Lets-a-go, Mario

DLC game.


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